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  1. Microsoft has been pushing tablet PC / touch screens for years, with no real take up. I don't see the mouse going anywhere for a very long time. The only reason people are talking about in now is because Apple made a fashion item/phone with one and companies are trying to jump on the bandwagon with everything else.

    I LOVED my tablet and will buy a slate once I find a good one

  2. well since scar is unused and the script is open sorce , it wodnt trigger anny thing like it ive tested what i have on a school computer yesterday , and the school has semantaek and it worked, but since ists a difrint tipe of taskmaneger the adminstrater cant block the kill proses tree comand

    you must make hollywood movies

    what is scar?

  3. my school ive cahnge my drive space100 megs 2 116 megs(just 2 prove i cood), ther is a program on ally my schools computers and be4 u can axses a website it has 2 be aproved by and administrator,and ther is this class calld totorial , its like studdy hall but every1 has it at the same time and no asinded teatcher , so we sit in the hall and stuf , so some kids desided 2 make a club for forin langwiges , so then mor clubs started poping up like pe or sintech and then 1 ther wer undergrond clubs like the restling club , satin club gay and lesban club, computer club, and ther are 30 members of the club and 2 git in the club u hafl 2 pull off a thot impsable feet with the computers and mine was the 100 2 116 all i did was over clock it but we have a server and all of us have a 100 magabite pendrive in it that we dont have fizacl ackses 2 , but when we do it we the other 20 or so active mebers crait diversons so it dusnt git notes like for instance that block drive accelraton with halo , so we have a lan party (turn of the advatced text serveces so ther is no drive accelraton) and tahts how thay got cot ther gits 2 be a poin to whenever one of us logs on the adminstrator gos in 2 senincrnized and wahtches us , and the adminstrater was watching them

    the only reson i think thay got in that mutch truble is taht thay know taht the kids 2day ar groing up lerning computers , and thay fill huge threts so tahy wanted 2 make a point dont fuck with this shit

    if thay wanted beter grades and tahy put tahat mutch nergy in 2 it in the ferst palce thay wodnt have that problem

    MIND FUCK...

    when you try and read it you're brain will shit bricks

    I think that's the longest thing I've read that says nothing... care to throw in a thought next time?

  4. You have a lot more choice then you think,

    and that's not a real disorder it's crap that your parents should have taught you, and it's almost never the teachers fault when a student fails.

    And you jumped on someone and clawed their face bad enough to send them to the ER?

    You shouldn't even be in any school.

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