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  1. I know the exact time I stopped caring about the forums, back when Matt said "IPB is the best SMF is crap so fuck you!" with out talking to anyone (VaKo) who had been completely managing on his own I feel worse for him because he totally got shit on

    y'all used to care about the community around here now y'all don't care ro take an interest for shit!

    I say just shut the damn community down right now and let rev3 handle it because it's clear cast and crew don't care anymore

  2. Just in case someone doesn't want to read the whole thing here's a summary.

    Moonlit: Look Vista on a USB stick here's where to get more information on how to do it.

    Other Random People: Cool!

    Metatron: That's lame, my way's better!

    SomeoneE1se: Yeah? What's you're way?

    Metatron: Fuck you, figure it out yourself!

  3. I've not really had much use for making Windows portable as I can just use Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems or Windows Vista for embedded systems and get better results for my needs.

    I don't see you creating a tutorial on it.

  4. I can't watch that crap!! its a bunch of bull$hit propaganda!!!

    They can never regulate the internet because of its free nature! I'm running a webserver off my computer right now and anyone in the world can connect to it! no matter if they connect with dialup, or satellite, or whatever!

    The internet is a huge gigantic network of computers! we are all hooked up together! nothing can break that connection, Something so massive is impossible to stop!

    There's always going to be people like that spreading around rumors and crap trying to get you to believe in them! They have built up an illusion in their own minds as to what is the end all be all of the internet! and you know what? they are full of shit!

    So don't worry about anything! don't stress over it! SEND YOUR PACKETS PROUDLY! no matter what browser you use, what OS you have, your CPU, RAM, Motherboard or any of that! the electrical signals are going to flow send and receive! And I choose not to receive those particular bits and bytes! that video stream you saw, your browser downloaded those packets, and showed you the video! I closed my connection with that server! If you don't like the content you receive from a particular server you can choose to end the connection! thats what the internet's about! the freedom to connect, download, upload, share, read, write, or otherwise interpret any kind of data you want!

    and what happens when your ISP decides to only allow you to connect to,,,

    If you don't like the content! then you choose not to receive it! no one can force content on you!

    You can't control peoples electrical impulses! everything is made up of electrical signals through your mind, through your body, through the internet! its electric!

    ever hear of a DOS attack?

    So those guys sent you some bad electrical signals! So find some good ones to make up for it! stay positive! positivity creates more positive energy! negativity creates negative energy!
    If I'm not mistake it's the other way around
  5. small torrents are easy to kill off

    just on a few computers start downloading and deleting the file every now and then so it'll never stop you could also fill the file with crap so that you'll send bad data and then leachers will ban you and only the seeds will be left eventually everyone file will hit that magic ratio and will stop seeding there by killing the torrent

    also on another note; steve while correct you're response doesn't help at all

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