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  1. fuck you, damn domain squatter! also IPB fail
  2. all the cool add-ons to cars are after market
  3. tablets are a BITCH to get working under linux however the newest ubuntu might not totally suck
  4. http://www.milw0rm.com/exploits/6355 that is all... I wonder who else has found a RCE exploit
  5. It squeeks when you inject packets?.. that's awesome!.. If not very stealthy
  6. I know the exact time I stopped caring about the forums, back when Matt said "IPB is the best SMF is crap so fuck you!" with out talking to anyone (VaKo) who had been completely managing on his own I feel worse for him because he totally got shit on y'all used to care about the community around here now y'all don't care ro take an interest for shit! I say just shut the damn community down right now and let rev3 handle it because it's clear cast and crew don't care anymore
  7. Ok... now THAT is not possible, you can never have too much porn! but really... HUH?!
  8. Just in case someone doesn't want to read the whole thing here's a summary. Moonlit: Look Vista on a USB stick here's where to get more information on how to do it. Other Random People: Cool! Metatron: That's lame, my way's better! SomeoneE1se: Yeah? What's you're way? Metatron: Fuck you, figure it out yourself!
  9. I don't see you creating a tutorial on it.
  10. and what happens when your ISP decides to only allow you to connect to,,, ever hear of a DOS attack? If I'm not mistake it's the other way around
  11. my 132644C9051CF28B51B0DD01D285F7FE39ACF689280803767 has won every match it's played
  12. look at the bottom of your mouse the laser will never fix in any type of pen housing
  13. Just super glue a stick to a mouse and done. anyone that's ever used a tablet for a main system knows that a mouse just won't cut it.
  14. small torrents are easy to kill off just on a few computers start downloading and deleting the file every now and then so it'll never stop you could also fill the file with crap so that you'll send bad data and then leachers will ban you and only the seeds will be left eventually everyone file will hit that magic ratio and will stop seeding there by killing the torrent also on another note; steve while correct you're response doesn't help at all
  15. go back and read 100 it's the best!!!!!1111one
  16. Psh I don't use youtube for my piracy needs I just use tbp and I don't see them handing out any information anytime soon. And I can't remember the last time I used a torrent for something non-free hulu.com has all the shows I like
  17. n810 bluetooth keyboard done
  18. redirecting via the browser is so 1998 how about just using index.php?
  19. I LOVED my tablet and will buy a slate once I find a good one
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