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  1. im still getting the same error message even after trying on ubuntu and following the advice on this website http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/10289 said to change a CFLAG but it still doesnt compile has anyone actually compiled it and would like to share?
  2. i tried compiling under backtrack 4 pre final so it may not have all the files needed so il try under ubuntu tommorrow and let u know how it goes
  3. thanks for your reply but i dont see any precompiled version on website,would u like to point me in the right direction please ;)
  4. i downloaded the source code from the website on the show notes for the latest episode about cold boot attacks and following the install instructions inside the /doc folder when i run the make command i get this root@bt:~/bios_memimage# make make -C stand make[1]: Entering directory `/root/bios_memimage/stand' make[1]: `libstand.a' is up to date. make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/bios_memimage/stand' make -C i386 make[1]: Entering directory `/root/bios_memimage/i386' as -I../include -o start.o start.s start.s: Assembler messages: start.s:138: Error: junk `(bios_disk)' after expression start.s:142: Error: junk `(GDESC)' after expression start.s:164: Error: can't handle non absolute segment in `ljmp' start.s:175: Error: junk `(_main)' after expression start.s:181: Error: junk `(printf)' after expression start.s:186: Error: junk `(bios_apm_shutdown)' after expression start.s:195: Error: junk `(IDESC)' after expression make[1]: *** [start.o] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/bios_memimage/i386' make: *** [subdiri386] Error 2 has anyone succesfully compiled the .bin file to copy to usb or if anyone has any ideas on how to solve the error would be much appreciated
  5. looking forward to trying this out but it doesnt have the drivers to access my laptops hard drive,i could add my own to it if it would be ok with the author to extract the iso a bit?
  6. exactly the info i needed,thanks very much :)
  7. hey guys,anyone testing windows 7 beta build 7000? i have windows xp pro on one partition and windows 7 on another both setup as primary partitions! when im in xp i can see the windows 7 partition as a drive and share the files ect but when im in windows 7 i cant see my xp partition,is there anyway i can get to the xp partition thru windows 7,any help would be great
  8. hey folks was reading this article on awgh blog about new bios's from intel etc which will be programable to setup networking,keylogging and disk access before an o/s has even been booted into,the scary thing is that the source code has been released which in the wrong hands could be used for malicious attacks in future,i can also remember reading somewhere about the chinese having backdoors in motherboards etc will this render antivirus and firewall software obsolete http://www.awgh.org/?p=27 just thought it would be an intresting topic and see what uz guys think about it
  9. my first encounter with linux was storm linux,installed it from a cd from a book from the library,never really new what linux was at the time,if i remember correctly it was same time as corel linux was out,whenever that was! but my first real install was slackware but now its fedora or backtrack3 for me :)
  10. from the official aircrack-ng wiki http://aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=airbase...s=caffe%20latte havnt tried it yet but should be enough info to get you started :)
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