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  1. Digip I don't know which is funnier; the youtube video or your avatar. lol
  2. Oooh, I like the kit from that link. :) I could think of a few things that I could do with that, lol.
  3. I have to say that I'm not too fond of what you're tellin me lol but it's not too big of a shock. I knew that Schlumberger was no longer around but I didnt know how far gone they were. :( As I said on my first post I have tried several different drivers without any positive results but I didn't know that It was possible for me to hack the drivers into workability. Since I don't really feel like doin the studyin I'd have to do in order to hack together a driver I guess I'll just give up on this one. I'm just glad it was free. :) Looks like I may have to buy a new one though. :( Thanks everyone for your help.
  4. lol I don't know why I haven't said that yet. This card is for smart cards of several types. My specific reason for wantin it is so that I could use it with one of my CAC (common access card) IDs. Usin this card reader with my ID I have potential for several things that I would have to spend much more time doin normally. It's just a convenience thing really.
  5. Here is a picture of a similar one. The only difference between this one and mine (that you can see) is that mine is a dark gray with "SCHLUMBERGER" printed on the top back near the cable. Sparda when I plug up he card reader there is the little pop-up on the taskbar stating that windows has found a new device and then tries to install it. After a couple seconds it opens the add new hardware wizard. With all that goin on I would think that it's not broken. However, I know that I don't know everythin about computers therefore I won't assume anythin lol.
  6. I've tried it on my Mac computer as well with no results. My Mac is runnin the most current that I know about (10.5.6) and I check for updates on a regular basis. I haven't tried it on any of the various Linux flavors i have since my desktop PC is actin up a little. I opened up the card reader as suggested and found 3 ICs. One chip says "PIC16C63A" and then a couple other strings of numbers. Another chip says SCM Microsystems "STC-A-SO1". The last chip says "2E12AF" and on a new line "USBN9603-28M." I'm goin back to google with these numbers to see if I can find anythin new. [EDIT] I'm back from google and still see worthless results there are more of them this time though lol
  7. I have recently acquired a Schlumberger Reflex USB card reader (P/N 901251) and have yet to get it working. I want to use this on my XP laptop but I cannot seem to find drivers. I found several places that said that they had drivers but for some odd reason none of the drivers work. I even tried to use drivers that I used while I was installin them in Iraq (SCR331 drivers) with no success. There is a web address on the bottom of the device (www.readers.slb.com) but firefox continues to tell me that that site doesn't exist so I tried to drop of the first part and go to the main page only to find a worthless page. I also tried google with every combination of the information that i have all without any help. You guys/girls are my last hope. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it as I am at my wits end now and am thinkin about flushin the card reader down the toilet. lol
  8. I completely forgot about that one. I'm glad you mentioned it cause now I gotta go get it. :)
  9. I have used a few different things (ERD Commander, SBSpassword recovery, variouse live linux distros) each for different needs. Are you looking for something in particular?
  10. I used a 19 inch tv for a while for my laptop and as everyone said is sucks but it works enough depending on what you plan to do. I was lucky enough to have an S-video out on my laptop and ran that to an RF modulator and ran coax from that to the tv. I would have gone straight to the tv except it didnt support s-video input.
  11. I was half asleep when i typed that in. lol I gues it shows. I was setting up the user account on the ftp server not the router :) I would love to give one of the -wrt's but this router isn't mine so thats out of the question. Maybe some other time.
  12. Ok, I managed to find the window to change the settings to allow incomin ftp. I have been here before and clicked the wrong computer last time. That explains some of the trouble but now shows me that there was more wrong than I originally thought. I found out now that the user account setup is much harder than I would think. I added a user and set it up for shares only like what I read to do when googling this issue. When the remote user tried to login usin the name and pass I provided they got an error message saying that they do not have the rights to acces my FTP server. Would it be better to just setup a FTP server on linux box and be done with it? I'm curious cause this looks like a wast of time at this point. And BTW the router is pass protected, you'd be an idiot not to have that done first thing after setup. lol
  13. I can't use pfconfig cause "I'm a Mac," not a pc. Being that I am on a mac I already have an FTP server and it's running and as far as i can tell functioning properly. I have access to the firewall config settings and there is nothing about port forwarding however in the advanced settings I see a window that shows a bunch of check boxes for different options i attached a screenshot so that you can see what I see. I hope it helps.
  14. I am tryin to configure my computer so that I can use my ftp server so that i can let a few people download some stuff from my computer without the hassles of upload limits etc on the free sites. I have run into a problem though nobody can access my server. I left the port as the default for ease of setup but when I have my ports scanned (from outside my network) and all the ports are showin up as "stealth" not "open" or "closed." I have looked on the firewall setup on the router and it has options for allowing outbound ftp server traffic (as well as web server etc) but nobody can establish a connection to any of the ports from the outside. I have just about lost my mind tryin to figure this out. I'm beginnin to think id be better of if my computer was in the DMZ. Anyway, enough ramblin, if anyone can help me or at least give me some suggestions I would be eternally thankful. BTW the router/firewall is a pos 2wire from att/bellsouth.
  15. Are you talkin about the bug eyed one with the big head?
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