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  1. Could sharepoint actually connect to all of the user's home directories?
  2. This would be for all 13,000 students of the University. We'd prefer a solution where the students wouldn't have to install any software. with the exception of Java and flash of course.
  3. I'm currently working for a University and we are trying to figure out a way to let our students access their home directories from the Internet when they are off campus. We are a windows based campus. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. What if the server belongs to the ISP that is providing the web space?
  5. Alright, heres the scoop. I'm currently working on a website for a non-profit organization. They want to be able to changes the news info on their front page. However, I don't have the patience to teach them how to edit HTML and upload to FTP. They're not able to spend any money on this project. Does anyone know anyway to let them edit/add to the news section of their page? Thanks Ryan
  6. So heres the scoop. The CD burner on my work machine is pooched and I need to reinstall ubuntu server on another machine. I know I can install Ubuntu using PXE, but our IT Security director is not willing to make the necessary changes to DHCP to make this work. Is there a way to boot to the network via USB and install Ubuntu? I know I could probably use unetbootin (awesome program by the way) but I feel the network install would be a lot faster. Thanks
  7. well thanks for the help everyone. After several hours of swearing I have successfully installed Windows XP. I only have 300 megs left on the harddrive... So I might have to figure out how to slim that down.
  8. Thanks for the ideas everyone... I'm going to attempt an XP install. I was going to try puppeee but its wireless software only supports WEP, (and my Time Capsule is running WPA, and I don't want to change all my other clients) I would have stuck with xandros but I formatted it before I realized that I could change the interface to advanced mode, and the recovery CD requires that it be installed from a CD. I know that sounds really dumb.
  9. ok, So I've tried several Linux distro's with no luck. there is just not enough disk space.
  10. Ok, so I would put DSL on it but I'm not quite sure how to install drivers in Linux.
  11. Wouldn't XP and Vista be way too big? I might have to try eeexubuntu.
  12. Ok, So a couple of months ago I bought an EEE PC 2g Surf. I was trying to put ubunutu eee on it but the harddrive wasn't big enough... Does anyone know an OS that would work on it and fit on its harddrive? Thanks Ryan
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