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  1. Oops - forgot to mention the windows installer also wouldn't detect the firmware version until after the factory reset.
  2. I had a similar problem. I couldn't make it executable no matter how high I raised my privileges. Also, the recommended way in linux with the bunnypath environment variable also didn't work: the updater couldn't determine the bunny firmware and would exit. I ended up doing a factory reset: After that, the updater was able to detect and run. I was still in Windows when I tried the fix, so I just used the updater there and cannot currently confirm if it would have worked in linux as well. But I had a similar symptom and a factory reset helped. Worth a shot if you're still stuck.
  3. N00b question here... Just got my nano and wanted to play around with my own network. But it seems unable to detect any of my network's clients in recon mode. I can see clients on some other networks, but mine comes up blank. Wondering if the pineapple can only detect clients if there are certain conditions. I use a single Google wifi puck for my network's AP. Oddly though, if I profile my network, I can detect client macs. But recon remains ignorant. Thank you
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