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  1. Hi All....been lurking for a while...want to become active...needed to get that first post out of the way even though I am sure nobody will ever read this.... My name is Jon Favourite game: NHL 09 Favourite OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 RC2 Favourite console: Xbox 360 Nationality: US Accent: Midwestern? Sex: Male Age: 23 Race: White American Height: 6'0' Status: Relationship Build: Is this a singles profile? I'm not fat I'm big boned! Favourite band: Eminem/ytcracker/Craig Morgan Favourite book: On Bullshit Favourite movie: Boondock Saints Favourite director: Kevin Smith Favourite TV Show: Good Eats Favourite actress: Biel & Alba are up there Other hobbies:School...workin in IT for a Fortune 500 company..hackin/screwing around...drinking.... Car: Purple Jetta Occupation: Technical Project Manager | Infrastructure Lead...
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