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  1. Actually, I think Konfoo meant to say Flash Player 8r24 And thanks again Konfoo for such an awesome program!
  2. Oh thanks - I wasn't aware they changed to m4a... It appears they have also changed the bitrate - the files in the backup are coming in with smaller sizes and a quick mediainfo indicates a 64K bitrate...
  3. This works really well - Thanks! Couple of questions: 1 - is there a manual "backup" button? 2 - it seems the format for the files is M4a - is there a way to change this or does anyone else have this issue? Keep up the great work...
  4. Looks like they may have made some changes to where the artist song information is kept - i received a message that my player was out of date and then reloaded. Now it says unable to locate song/track information... Anyone else experiencing this? I checked it's still flash 8...
  5. FYI - I also installed the firefox beta 2, but then reinstalled the flashplayer 8 from the archive. The program still works, though I am getting inconsistencies with naming of the files. What version is everyone else using that seems to be the most consistent / stable. THanks.
  6. @jakerabbit - I had the same problem working with a new pc - check your flash version - it seems flash player 9 does not behave as previous versions. I think you can download the previous flash player from Adobe... Hope that helps
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