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  1. Everyone else is posting it here so I shall to. I have experince in PHP, arduinos, perl, python and C++
  2. I'll admit the JoannyDavis email was atleast a bit plausible, I could see a noob falling for it.
  3. Hmm, I may Subscribe to Hakin9 once I can afford it and if they can ship to Canada.
  4. Are there any good monthly magazines or the like about Hacking, I already read Make magazine for hardware hacking/DIY anyone else got any recommendations?
  5. Sorry I failed to mention the os, I am currently running Windows 7 64bit and I was using the most recent drivers from ATI. In the mean time I shall give my computer a Good dusting/cleaning and try some older drivers.
  6. Lately I have been occasionally getting Graphical corruption on my screen that leads to the screens turning off and coming back on or the computer crashing and restarting. I think this may be my video card biting the bullet now that my warranty has run out, I uninstalled the drivers and the like and it doesnt happen quite as often. The reason I am posting this is I would like a second opinion, what do you guys think. Edit: the Video Card is Radeon 3870
  7. what would you recommend for software key loggers?
  8. Are there any good software keyloggers? the PS2 ones look like they would be perfect, just need to poke around check prices in Canadian dollars. Edit: I guess since i am installing it on my own comptuer I know its there so its no big deal if its detectable by AV since I can work around that classically it only needs to be undetectable by anyone that isn't out right looking for it.
  9. I"m installing it on one of my own computers, its so I know if other people are using it are not.
  10. I am currently looking for a good keylogger that emails its logs away and is undetectable, the reason I am asking is because I do not know what is safe and what isn't. It doesn't have to be free but it would be nice.
  11. I would be willing to help get this working on Vista and Windows 7
  12. Yeah I cant connect, every time I try it sends me back to the Quake 3 title screen
  13. If hes considering dedicating a box to bit torrent I'd sure hope he isn't using comcast.
  14. In the immortal words of Wess, lets add some LEDs to it.
  15. Ok, so I got a extra comp just chillin collecting dust, I already got a media server what should I do with this extra computer? any and all ideas are welcome.
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