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  1. Current releases (skins and such) are always updated in the N00b's guide and I have the most current versions and an archive of old versions on http://wildandbad.com/article/pandoras-jar yeah, when its not down! which its not right now... so ill shut up.
  2. new forum please... with a skin, release archive, and trouble shooting stickies.
  3. shit!!! i fucked it up. it says "satisfy your technolust" instead of "trust your technolust" fuck it... its about gettin the music. satisfy is better.
  4. same for me. also if you just restart it a couple of times... ALL DONE... presenting "digital junky" http://webpages.charter.net/sb76117/skins/...tal%20junky.zip
  5. between my last post and this one, this is how far along i am... im gonna add some grit and shit in the borders... ummm i dunno what else.
  6. trying to steal my thunder?! hahah kidding man, good job. im takin my sweet ass time with the new skin. glad to see some more skins floating around. thanks for ALL of your hard work!
  7. the music genome project people? do they know who you REALLY are? do they mind this grabber project?
  8. finally, a perfect (edit: perfect working, i should say )release. ive had no bugs or error messages with the new .jar. good working guys.
  9. no, thank YOU man. im working on yet another hak5 skin. im gonna put alot more work into it this time.
  10. i know. its like that on purpose, like its a glass bubble over the rest of the icon. its just a update of this icon http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/641971/
  11. im the same way with scripting. i can just make things look pretty. making them work, thats another story... speaking of pretty, i made my first icon in 2 years... a new winamp icon... check it out
  12. yeah. dreamweaver and photoshop. REMINDER: the CSS-ONLY skins are only found on the WILDANDBAD.com server. not mine.
  13. is there any way to stop the grabber from creating folders for each band? so my downloads folder isnt riddled with folders and just mp3s? also, this is semi-related... its a winamp problem. how can i re-encode my files in winamp? i need to lower the kbps to fit more on my SLVR. and i cant use itunes cuz the itunes.jar on my phone is cracked.
  14. hence the 15 second delay on grabmp3 attempts when cruise is on
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