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  1. Its already put to work in some companies...although not yet perfected
  2. nice one there...but can you be serious...lol
  3. Hey everyone, what do you feel about the semantic web. Pros and cons please
  4. I am writing a paper on the semantic web, and its operations. I would like to ask everyone what they think about it as opposed to Web 2.0. Pros and cons are welcome. Thank you
  5. Nobody mentioned Cerebrum from Xmen... If in evil hands, might just be number one!..lol
  6. Best advice, NEVER DOWNLOAD WHAT IS COPYRIGHTED!!! Note: they monitor when you are uploading. so just download, and never upload! Move the file from the folder whenever the download is complete.
  7. with this, they can have machines build better machines! but then hope malicious coders won't work against it..if you know what I mean.
  8. nope...but sometimes tracroute wouldn't work...why?
  9. I think you are right..so it serves nothing but the swicthes? or what?
  10. I don't know what that mode is.its a dell wlan card though. I have broadcasted my internet with it before, and it worked fine. but connected to this network, it won't share..so I am thinking its some kinda security from the school..is that possible? can they actually block you from sharing it?
  11. thats creatively constructive...nicely done!
  12. thanks...will do,,was just looking for a cheaper alternative....
  13. thats exactly what I did before.. Its still won't share the internet. is it possible that since its a school network, they have some security on it so that it can't be shared out?
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