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  1. My name is Jacob aka Shadow Favourite game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Favourite OS: Windows XP Favourite console: XBox Nationality: Mars Accent: French (nobody seems to complain) Sex: Male Age: Unknown Race: Native Marsian Height: 6â€�Ө’ Status: Married to my hand Build: Not as great as God Favourite band: Masters of Belial Favourite book: Foundation Favourite author: Shakespeare Favourite movie: Matrix Favourite director: Quentin Tarantino Favourite TV Show: Family Guy Favourite actor: Keanu Reaves Favourite actress: Mila Kunis Fav
  2. Alright this article is for those extra special nubs with extra special needs. When starting out simply follow Darren's instructions up until step 7. instead of typing in exactly what he has, notice the /# instead of ~# After first logging you must first "cd .." to get to the root folder. A simple mistake anyone could make. Step 8, every time starting up WinSCP always remember to change the connection type to "SCP" instead of the default "SFTP" setting or else it will always return a "Network Error: connection refused" and close. After step 9 you are asked to reboot. Previously you s
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