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  1. My name is Jacob aka Shadow Favourite game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Favourite OS: Windows XP Favourite console: XBox Nationality: Mars Accent: French (nobody seems to complain) Sex: Male Age: Unknown Race: Native Marsian Height: 6â€�Ө’ Status: Married to my hand Build: Not as great as God Favourite band: Masters of Belial Favourite book: Foundation Favourite author: Shakespeare Favourite movie: Matrix Favourite director: Quentin Tarantino Favourite TV Show: Family Guy Favourite actor: Keanu Reaves Favourite actress: Mila Kunis Favourite Pinup: Candy on the starting apartment in Grand Theft Auto IV Favourite Comedian: Mencia Other hobbies: Quantum Mechnics, Bending the rules of the Matrix, Out-thinking deep thinkers, Organizing, AR5K Industries, Third World Order Car: Looking For Occupation: Quantumist
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