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  1. Does anyone have a guide or tutorial on how to get my RSS feed to pick certain torrents to download by themselves. Because I have the feed coming in showing me what shows are available to download. But I want it so that I can open it say wensday and automatically start downloading the shows i missed from Monday and then open up my zune program and sync it up.
  2. Ipod touch is nice, same as the iphone just minus the phone. Im not sure on the durablity but the quality and interactivty is fun and great
  3. What would your ultimate pc/gamming/entertainment setup be. Mine would be -Top of the line i7 machine. With 3 26 inch monitors -Xbox 360, Ps3, games -73 inch TV -Surround sound of course -Security Cams -Sectional couch that surrounds all the equipment. -Mini fridge What's yours?
  4. Haha that is sick. Im looking to start doing some tech work for people, I posted an AD on craigslist. And I'll probably do free PC fix's for friends and family.
  5. 9/11 on a different date Guys this is some serious stuff, we could be in danger.
  6. Um the few times i fixed friends pc's i was at their house and it was some simple stuff. Ecxept my friends pc that im fixing now he has a nasty virus plus loads of spyware and crap. But i usually get paid in food haha or just for free because we do favors for each other.
  7. Couldn't you just winRAR the files into split archives?
  8. Kevin Rose posted that on his twitter, I am no a follower of theonion.com they are hilarious.
  9. There is no point to post this. They aren't going to change for someone who is going to abandon them. Why post this and leave and not see the resposes and actually contribute and make your own projects. People are aloud to ask questions in the questions section. If you don't like it then don't complain and just leave.
  10. From what I hear it's a good field to get into. The college I want to attend will cover all aspects of basic programming, web development/design, and system administration. So that leaves me with a couple of directions to go. So you can try out the web design field and say it sucks then go to the sys admin route and say you love it.
  11. Yeah now that you explain it all out it sounds more like a pain in the ass than anything fun or interesting. I probably won't do it all. I might just reformat the drive and throw it in my new machine and use it for music, videos, and pictures. So then if I ever need to get a new machine I can just swap it in.
  12. Okay So I am going to build a PC soon, and would like to take a bit for bot copy of my current laptop HDD and load it onto the new HDD. I know you're saying, why not just backup and re-download programs. But I wanted to try something a little different. So I saw on an episode of Hak5 that using Helix and other tools Chris Gerling got bit for bit of an HDD. Can this work in my situation? Or is this just way too much work for something so stupid?
  13. "..you can't arrange the icons by penis" (wonder how many will get that quote) haha isn't it from the sys admin video that was posted on these boards?
  14. Well Since my laptop is only 1.3ghz with 1gb of ram and is 3+ years old to me it can't handle fancy effects and backgrounds and still perform the way I need it too. So I just made weird configurations and that's what came out. But don't worry one I get my car within the next couple months I'm going to put together my own rig.
  15. jjhappypants, what os/setup is that its so sick
  16. oh haha, then nevermind. What do you do for living then?
  17. what do you do to afford these stay unmarried and no children? haha
  18. Why do you have so many computers? What do you use them for?
  19. Deffinatly Gears 2, COD5, Surround Sound or speakers of some sort and spare controllers/play and charge. don't get the messenger kit unless you don't have a USB keyboard or mod another keyboard like it did 8]
  20. Haha because every night before i go to bed....no haha I actually don't know why it's in there. I haven't used it in a while.(chapped lips)
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