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  1. I only want the cardinals to win because i hate the steelers(they beat my ravens in the AFC champ game -_-)
  2. Get even bigger muscles. Just because they have muscles doesn't mean they're fast, They're usually to big to be athletic anymore, but thats some people. Why not carry a knife. Or not run the risk of injuring people and getting arrested and take self defense lessons?
  3. yeah niether have i, but since i just ordered something i thought of it. If i could code I would make it but I can't.
  4. Would there be away to get the mail service tracking feature to send me updates on say an RSS feed. So it could instantly pop up and show me when it gets updated on it's location.
  5. StarchyPizza

    New Build

    4Ghz, dam thats fast. Unless youre matt, wait for the new boards
  6. I live in NY now the college is in NYC. I will probably live in NYC and work in NYC after college. When I look on monster.com I see entry level positions starting at 65K+
  7. It's possible they rather have good experience then a piece of paper. Or a combo of both
  8. What are good ratio's for this. I have a rear projection tv in my room now that I game with my xbox 360 on. The only LCD in my house is my parents computer screen. Everything is out dated but still works. No burnt images. But I am no looking on how fat it is it's crazy. Lets upgrade Whats the largest LCD(I don't really like plasma because they burn out over time, i keep my tv's forever)that keeps a good picture.
  9. I put it in the attachment idk what happened but here it is. pg 76-77 is the degree http://globe.edu/Programs/Catalog.pdf
  10. What are sys admins making in reality? The averages ive seen range from 75,000-85,000
  11. I want to go to college for information technology. I want to hopefully be a system administrator making ideal pay(75,000+ starting). I also want to have web design under my belt so i was thinking of taking their web design classes either as electives or on the side. So here is the degree in the .PDF file. (shows all courses, then shows when you typically take them). You have to go down to pages 76-77 for the degree. I would show the one on the website but it's not the same as in the catalog
  12. ehh I don't think that router could handle that. I have the same one and it's a POS
  13. You can cheap dell optiplex's from www.propetyroom.com and run apache off of it. If anything I would buy a bigger harddrive and put all my files(music, vidoes, pics) on there. So then you can FTP to it from anywhere in the world and get your files. you can also format your computer and they will always be there.
  14. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16889248032 Can this Tv kepe up with LCD and Plasmas?
  15. I was looking for forums with web design info. Like Hak5 with hacking/modding info.
  16. What is all that? Looks like Hardrive, wireless cards, assorted cords.
  17. Oh then if you guys want to get rid of mine, I wasn't aware of the other thread
  18. Haha what does everyone carry in their hakpack(backpack) -Post a text or picture response. Me I carry my -Shitty Toshiba Laptop -Magazine/newspaper(either Flex, Wired, or any newspaper. -Camera of some sort(cellphone, or a digital camera) -Notebook(for idea, figuring out shit, etc) -Power cords/Usb cords(zune, laptop adapter, cellphone, camera) -USB flash drive -Bombs(jk) This is my backpack which I rarely ever use because it would be stupid to carry it around. And in my pockets I usually carry -cell phone -zune -usb flash drive -keys -Wallet
  19. What is a good website for web design forums?
  20. Probably your hard drive die,how old is it? back it uo
  21. Yes I am. It's almost as small as the $3600 Pen-Test device. I wish I had the extra cash to pick that up
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