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  1. Okay so now that I have free time (track ended and football isn't that crazy yet) I want to fine tune my home network. Here is how it looks now. Modem>Router >Desktop ))Laptop and Xbox I would like to use my desktop as a home server type of thing, while being a full functioning computer. So I would like some suggestion of what type of software I should look into, and different types of things to do. I am probably going to look into Movie/Video streaming, Music streaming, and Pictures. Just to learn the basics, which I can handle myself. But what I am asking is the more advanced stuff, I know you can't do too much on windows but I'm sure there is something worth learning. I would love to do the Linux thing but my family isn't tech savy so they wouldn't know how to work Linux at all. So keep the suggestions to Windows please.
  2. The stuffed ones are the best. Kind of like a stuffed pizza
  3. haha sounds interesting. and no its a 2gb flash drive. and no porn on there for me i am bringing this flash drive to school.and quite frankly i dont need porn but thats a story for another day.
  4. Any hack suggestions? Any portable apps worth checking out? Any suggestions, post a response!
  5. haha it could be funny some of the stuff you could come up with, but it would be a lot funnier if they actually responded or saw their reaction.
  6. Yeah imagine a LAN party in the middle of a track meet haha. But im going to search around some more and see what i can find
  7. well its not easy to find "hacking" information without knowing the right people, so really you just have to be experimental and not get caught, or know someone
  8. see the only thing is i want it to be truley portable so no cars involved. like if i were stranded in a open field id be able to play if i brought it in the briefcase
  9. How many batteries do you think will have to be used?
  10. So today I was at a track meet and was quite bored because my portion of the meet was over. So i thought of bringing an xbox 360 along. But as we all know that wouldn't work without the neccesary supplies which was not available. So I thought of making it portable. Here is my idea: -Get a large brief case and secure the Xbox 360 inside -Drill ventilation holes so it doesnt over heat -Then mount a small LCD monitor inside and connect the xbox to it but my only problem is power supply Does anyone know what i could use to power it besides a generator or a small battery?
  11. Yeah, basically you need to find a white hack website and pretend you're an IT professional learning some new things.
  12. Well I have found an easier solution. Just apply for a job at one of these places and learn how they do it. Or just find a training course online. Because most of these cards are re-usable so if we can find out how to edit them, then we have found the answer.
  13. Yeah I want some BT4 action, where did you get it?
  14. well it's not that they don't know it. It's just really hard to hack anything, because the ports are so limited. But I have heard of people adjusting their shift points(in an automatic) and things like that to save fuel. But I am not sure if it can be done with your '96, I doubt it. But it is kind of pointless because one wrong move and you have a verryyy expensive paper weight unless you tow it to a specialist, or just know how to back up the data and flash i t back on.
  15. Yeah I've been looking around for some 2.5" portable HDD. My parents said theyll get it for my birthday. So I think I might go with it.
  16. How do you like the Free Agent, thinking of getting one.
  17. Are you on a network with more than your computer on it and active?
  18. is it free? and i don't use linux so i can't use zoneminder.
  19. Okay so I have a webcam set up in my room for hakstalkers.com. But during the day when I am not there I would like to make this into a "security cam" for my room, no real need, just something to mess with. So what I am asking is for a program that will detect motion on my room. But then alert me or at least save the video to my computer. Please keep in mind I need free, as I do not want to spend money on this.
  20. I would make my own stand for it,or better yet get a salvage impala like a '68 and fix it up nice and just use the front end, and put that in there. just an idea.
  21. Everything is cheaper with the AMD models, but they lack performance of the Intel models, for years.
  22. Wow works great. Just set it up on my google reader and works great. thanks alot.
  23. Gatorade, Gatorade 2, Vitamin Water, Powerade, WATER. FTW
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