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  1. With exception to your last update, I don't think anythings changed on my end but now I get weird 3 characters in front of all the id tags, example title=ÿþOne artist=ÿþMetallica same for album, genre and comments. I use a program called MPTagger to clean up the songs, I have since you made your 1st saver program and that's the program that now I'm 1st seeing the code, then later in media player after I've touched up any tags.
  2. I'm using Saver 1.1 Beta B beta, but now when a song is sniffed... save it immediatly is my only option, wait for approval is grayed out, turbo mode has a red x through it, ( I have used turbo in the past but since turned it off) How do I get it back to "wait for approval" ? thanks. P.
  3. Buy a new iPod, that's what I did. I got a 16 gb refurbished Touch for $229 from the Apple store. It arrived fingerprint and scratch free, sealed in a new box with all the accessories and only took 5 days to get here. It plays all the mp4's, shows the album art and handles the id tags without any conversions needed. Good luck. Thanks Z, I used your first release for most of my time-shifting, although I recently upgraded to version 1005. Very Nice!
  4. Same here 64, kbps and mono since Oct 29th,, Can I subscribe up? I don't like the new format. Anyone still getting 128 kbps and stereo ?
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