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    HAK5 team

    I was just wondering. Where or If any of the hak5 team members went to college. I know that Matt didnt go to college(i think) but hes soo freaking smart. I was wondering about the rest of the team. Where did you guys go? what major? How did you learn so much if you didnt go to college? Tell me really interested to see how you came to be!
  2. rpt

    May Desktops

    :D <3 simplicity
  3. rpt

    Nerd Pride

    I'm only a nerd on the inside. :D Most people just see me as good with computers and very intelligent.
  4. I just watched it too. It wasn't that great.
  5. did you buy it or download it from somewhere?
  6. http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4233045/Wi...BETA_Build_6519
  7. rpt

    New Laptop?

    I really like the new HP laptops, you should definitely check them out.
  8. thank you all for your input its greatly appreciated :) I'm wondering what will the people looking to hire think when they see Bachlors: Industrial Technology: Networking Master: Computer information systems Will they like it? Or will they say that my bachelors didn't train me enough for the job desired. But I'm taking that because there is no other alternative to me there is no other school with a good major I can take. All there is, is computer science. But I don't want to learn about that. So while I'm doing my normal school degrees i will take classes at a another college http://tunxis.commnet.edu/programs/degrees/ If you click on Computer Information Systems: Network Administration Option, I will take a few classes such as, Windows Server Administration, and Unix/Linux System Administration just to broaden my knowledge.
  9. Hello, this question is direct at Matt Lestock (if of course you have time to answer it). I see that you're a computer system administration at a company. And I'm wondering whats its like? Is it a 9-5 job? Exciting boring? What schooling did you go through to get that job? Is that pay good (you don't have to answer if you would not like to) I will be starting this major next fall. http://www.technology.ccsu.edu/programs/pr...ing_Courses.pdf Personally I don't think its enough education for the IT world. Maybe it is.. Also where do you think it will take me? After doing this I would love and probably will get my masters in Computer information systems http://www.quinnipiac.edu/x562.xml While doing this I will be studying for the Network+ exam ect This is a pretty broad thread just throw out what you think :)
  10. No I didn't. But since you brought it up I think I will now :) Which episode was it?
  11. Hey I'm really curious to find out HOW to hack into my brothers computer. I know its possible, but how? We are both connected through router, and on same network. So how would i go about and hacking into his pc. I'm doing this strictly for gaining knowledge. I'm thinking about studying networking in college and knowing how to do little things like this would help me. Thanks in advance!!
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