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  1. Just so you all know.... 1: this plugin/fiddler works at the NETWORK layer, hence it doesnt matter what version of shockwave/flash you use. If youre browser can play pandora, then fiddler can capture it. 2: If you read the readme/info that came with fiddler, it states that Internet explorer is automatically configured to use fiddler by default, while firefox IS NOT. (unless this has changed, dunno). Just to be sure that those that are trying to use this with firefox, look at the website to see how it should be set up to work with firefox (and to search the boards on how to make it work with fiddler AND a proxy for those that live outside of the US. And, before you ask, no, I dont know as of yet on how to do that, no need to because I live in the US :D ). AND..... For those that know it is setup properly but cant get it to work properly (unknown song, ect, ect), how are you running pandora? If you dont have an account, create one (it is free), and add at least one "station" to it. Try that and see if it works for you then. ALSO.... If you run into the "pandora is tring to figure out what song to play next" issue, there is a simple fix for that...add more stations! The more stations you add, the greater variety of music pandora has access to in order to play. My station list consists of 23 stations, so I can run pandora before I go to bed, and when I get up in the morning, it is STILL turning out songs with no issues (the flukes I had before has not appeared since....must have been something with the PC at the time).
  2. That is why this plugin will send a refresh command through internet explorer depending on the time setting you used. As I underlined/bolded above, it only works if you have pandora running in internet explorer (NOT sidebar gadget or firefox or others). Also, I noticed that this feature is glitchy. at times it can run for hours and keep refreshing, and other times it doesnt even make it past 30 mins. I beleave that this might have something to do with I.E. not having focus or not....or it just could be glitchy, dunno. Another issue that I have found is that once in a while I get "unable to rename song.mp3.tmp to song.mp3. the file already exists." when in about 78% of the time the song DOES NOT exist. Does anybody know how to fix this? I know jack about C#. between working 2 jobs (one full time and the other almost full time), I have no time to learn C# atm.
  3. lol, sorry, at that time when I checked it, it worked. ah well here is the new one that I just uploaded http://wikisend.com/download/517076/PandoraSaver.zip
  4. The link I posted still works... http://wikisend.com/download/526724/PandoraSaver.zip and, yes, this app still works as long as you live in the U.S. (due to pandora's licensing )
  5. This made me curious, so I deleted out my log file (so it would be fresh), ran the pandora gadget, and payed close attention to what song was playing and what the log showed.....and I found something.........odd From watching the gadget, everything seemed fine, but from the log, it looked like pandora was prepared to play a certain song, then changed there mind shortly after and switched to a different one. confused? let me make a mockup log so you would understand (Note, sections in blue are correct, the red section is what caught my eye)..... ect.ect.ect...... Found mp3 file (URL).... saving....... Length: 1805812... running (ect.ect.ect)... running (ect.ect.ect).... external process done.... ect.ect.ect...... found mp3 file (URL).... saving...... Length: 205 running (ect.ect.ect)........ Didn't find the wav file External processes done ect.ect.ect...... Found mp3 file (URL).... saving....... Length: 1302598... running (ect.ect.ect)... running (ect.ect.ect).... external process done.... ect.ect.ect...... Notice the song length in the red section? From watching pandora, everything seemed fine, but from the log, one song played, then it looked like pandora started prefetching the next song to play, but right after prefetch started, panora decided not to play that one, dropped that song, and started prefetching the next song but from watching the pandora gadget, everything seemed fine. I also would like to point out that this is the first time I noticed this, and I have been using the pandora gadget since this came out (and yes, I do watch the log file from time to time just to be sure that this is working as it should). I also noticed that this "bad stream" is completely random from what it seems. Warning, personal assumption/guess ahead....... I believe that what is going on is that this is pandora's attempt to fill our song library with bad, dead songs, but due to the encoder's error checking, along with the programing of deleting *.mp4 and *.wav files, all traces of said song are removed. OR.... this is mearly a network issue/pandora server issue that caused an error in streaming said song, forcing it to be dropped/skipped and move onto the next on.
  6. Here is the origional zip file that I re-uploaded to wikisend. Also, I upped it to 90 days that wiki will hang on to it. LINK: http://wikisend.com/download/526724/PandoraSaver.zip
  7. Ahh, I was beginning to suspect that, but I was not sure.....basicly, their way of tricking a basic noob such as I, lol. BUT, I wounder if this is the case, or is it a limitation of fiddler? I do beleave my first statement is more correct though... I am in the process of taking a "crash course" in C# in my spare time so I can learn more about this.
  8. I did notice that, but unless I am looking in the wrong spots in the xml, the URL's dont exactly match between what is in the xml, and what is actually streaming....I will look into it more to so I can better understand it......god I wished I knew C# BTW, I do agree with your point on "openly discussing" on how this all works.
  9. Just by manually looking at it through fiddler, I understand how this works, but what is confusing me is how it matches the audio stream with the artist/album/art info in the xml file. Is there something in the header in the audio stream that I am not seeing that matches up with something in the xml file? I am about to install VS2008 express editions (the free ones from MS site) so I can look at your source so I can get a better understanding on how it matches this up, unless you can "drop a hint" here on it, lol. All in all, this is very, very good work, ty for your proof of concept. I also beleave that what you have done here will start a whole new trend on how people will move forward with capturing streaming audio.
  10. I know next to jack about programing ( I have played around with autoit and made "hello world" in C++, but thats it). My question is what did you use to make this so I can inspect and play around with it a lil (was it done in C++, java, fiddler addon, ect)? EDIT: If I would have opened up my eyes earlier I would have seen that you already stated that it is done in .net.....
  11. Ok, I figured it out, and am now posting instructions on how to do it...... First off.... 1: Download/install Fiddler2 2: Download PandoraSaver.zip Setup.... Create a folder on your desktop called "Pandora Saver" and extract PandoraSaver.zip into it. Now, open up that folder on your desktop, then go into the folder "PandoraSaver", then into the folder "bin", then into the folder "Debug". you should see the following files: faad.exe lame.exe PandoraSaver.dll ect..... Copy ALL of these files into fiddlers script directory ( Normally found at "C:\Program Files\Fiddler2\Scripts" ). Usage...... Now, follow the following steps carefully or else it WONT WORK. Internet Explorer is recommended for this (firefox does work, but for simplicity reasons, lets just stick with I.E. for now). If you have I.E. open, close it. Start up Fiddler. If you installed the scripts properly, you should see a button on the toolbar called "PandoraSaver", click it. A dropdown box will appear. Here you can configure it as you see fit, but remember, when you close Fiddler, these options are not saved. Once you have it configured, click the button and click on "Enabled". This should put a check-mark next to it, which means the script is now running. Now fire up I.E. and go to pandora website. Fiddler will now capture the songs and put it in the folder you specified. Pros: I.E. does not need focus in order for this to work, a BIG PLUS in my book. Saves the song/album and album art, a nice feature. Cons: Does not save the songs in seperate folders (not a big deal, just would be nice for organization freaks such as myself ;) ). MP3 bitrate is 128kbps (not bad quality, but myself would prefer higher quality) BONUS: As a test, I tried this with the pandora gadget for windows vista (to find it on the windows gadget website, just do a search for "Pandora"), and guess what, IT WORKS! To use the gadget with this, just follow the same steps above but: Be sure the gadget is not playing any songs, start fiddler and start the script, then press play on the pandora gadget. This thing is very, very nice indeed! Final verdict: This is the best one yet. You can be doing whatever (playing a PC game, working on a spreadsheet, ect) and this thing will keep churning along. Tested with Vista Ultimate 32bit and works great. Questions to the author of this: Does this embed the album art into the mp3, or does it pull it from an outside url? Can the bitrate be increased, or is this the bitrate that pandora streams at? Would it be possible to store the songs in seperate folders like "Artist/Album/Artist-Song.mp3"?
  12. This is very nice, but one question, which dll/exe files? I am assuming the ones in "PandoraSaver\bin\Debug" folder? Also, would it be all dll/exe files, or just certain ones?
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