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  1. Think I found them from another thread. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y0an70sofvtezzl/AACR5_dRuZTDewFhtIMG3jYja/Jasager/Mark III Firmware
  2. I figured out my issue. I am running Windows 7 and had to run the flash program as administrator. That did the trick.
  3. I am trying to get it to ref lash using Freifunk AP51 EasyFlash. The utility detects the AP but always stops at Your IP: The flashing process never starts. I am following the original pineapple flashing guide. Any ideas?
  4. I can SSH into it fine. Definitely not bricked. Just can't get the web interface working. I will check out the Not So Quick Start. Thanks.
  5. I managed to hose up my MK3 after just 2 days. Is there a trick to getting the code back to what was originally shipped? I tried installing some other packages and some of the libraries updated which seems to have broken the HTTPD. :( Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the pointer. After trying to install ettercap and all of the missing libraries all I get is a segmentation fault when I try to run it. I will poke around and see what I can find.
  7. I just got my new MK3. Pretty slick. It seems kind of limited though since most websites are encrypted these days. Anyway to get it to run Ettercap so that it could actually serve up SSL session to capture IDs and PWs? Thanks.
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