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  1. Sounds like this device will be less useful as a Jasager device, which is a deal breaker since I desired the Fon devices as a Jasager node for general knowledge around wifi security. I figured given that this is a new device the homebrew community is still catching up, and this move from atheros to ralink seems troublesome in that respect as well.
  2. Has anyone played with the new 802.11n version of the Fon? Any gotchas or issues with flashing new firmware to the device for using openwrt and/or the jasager platform/?
  3. Daehlie


    Who is making the pilgrimage down to mecca this year?
  4. If you will note that I stated it increases the complexity of the brute-force attack, not increases the security of the cipher. The additional data from the salting increases the number of iterations to decode the key, as they will then need to brute force both the salt and the original key.
  5. Sounds like all we need is Morgan Freeman to narrate the videos.
  6. I have found user ignorance is something you can always depend on with the internets.
  7. The feasibility of a backdoor into AES with hashing and salting is laughable to say the least. Poor key selection allowing for rainbow attacks and things of that nature are operator error, not a flaw in the system. Properly chosen keys using the Rijndael implementation and salting, while it is difficult to say anything is unbreakable, humanity will have converted our species into a form of energy before you will be in any danger of attack. The true wrench in the gears is the salting, once you start adding in random bits all over the place, you can significantly increase the complexity of brute-force attacks. And frankly, the default complexity of brute-forcing AES, even in its 128bit variety, stretches the limits of feasibility as it is.
  8. If you get some time, I would love an x86 port of interceptor to put on my soekris net4801 network tap box.
  9. Me and some friends have a room at the riviera, we should definitely get our gamble on thursday night before the conference if anyone is coming down a bit early. Gonna be epic this year.
  10. VMWare server on top of ubuntu is the next best thing to ESXi. It should give you a good starting point.
  11. I ran vmware server on ubuntu-server before I converted everything to ESX. You should be able to get a nice functional system going on ubuntu in no time. You may out grow this at some point, as vmware server is not much of a system. Have you looked at vmware ESXi? That solves the problem of needing to figure out which mother OS to put your hypervisor on, and its free, and has most of the bells and whistles of ESX. It has some pretty restrictive hardware requirements though, so you will want to look at all that shiz first.
  12. Daehlie

    zero punctuation

    ZP is funny even when he is savaging the games you like, since he will likely touch on a few of the foibles from the gameplay. Always a favorite for that long day at work that just won't end.
  13. Is there any public schedule on available on who is performing when? I would be interested in joining the rotation for some live sets, but I imagine this has come up before. Are there any content restrictions on this radio or total pirate-style?
  14. I think the biggest benefit would be for some old school games that have matchmaking only on LAN, which could be circumvented by this OpenVPN. However I rarely am sorry the wild internets are behind my edge firewall...
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