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  1. I received an e-mail from a company saying my address was wrong and they needed the correct address for they could send my prize.(a video game) I fill out the form, and notice that the prize ID is clear in the url. Thinking nothing of it, I change the ID to see what would happen and it takes me to the change address page. I enter my address for that ID, submit it and I'm given a confirm page. Now I do this a couple of times for different IDs, mainly because I was bored and wasn't thinking. One week later... a bunch of packages arrive at my door. Yup, the prizes related to that ID. (I'm assuming) Now these are not 'small' prizes... more like $100+ items. I'm almost positive that if an audit is performed... I'm screwed as I'm sitting on over $2K worth of stuff linked to my home address. So where do I stand regarding the law? Hacking is defined so loosely, I'm kind of worried... Do I wait it out, send the stuff back, e-mail the company? I'm mainly worried about being called a 'hacker' and facing $$$ fines and prison time. Thanks for any info.
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