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  1. upon a reboot, i receive a "command not found 'export'" if this helps
  2. I have a brand new ubuntu 9.10 server and i need to config it with the LAN proxy, not sure how, I tried this: " nano /etc/bash.bashrc added the following line to the end of the file export http_proxy=http://proxy:8080/ Save and exit the file forced reload with source ~./bashrc " and i still get no results with i run "ping google.com" or "apt-get update" any ideas??
  3. I need a program that will can a folder/HD and locate all duplicate copies of a file. any ideas of a good free one??
  4. anyone else go any ideas or XP with this??
  5. mmm, so then putting a more power full power supply wouldn't really help, ud need a mother board replacement
  6. Power supply is fine, i connected it to several other components and it preformed fine
  7. Ok so I know its an e machine and their crap: not the problem, i still need it fixed! The HD light on the front of the system and the PS fan are both on and running when the system is turned off, upon pressing the power button, nothing happens, any ideas?? The CPU fan "flickers" when the PS switched in the back is flipped on The HD light is on but the HD is NOT running (cable is plugged in correctly)
  8. success, thank you for every ones help: conclusion = after additional testing and swaping parts with a second mother board we concluded that the power supply was out putting the correct power and that the cpu was running just fine, but some where the the original sli mb something was not working correctly and thus we are now sending the mb back to geeks to get a replacement. PS- just a side note, i love msi but this is th second new board i bought of theirs that i had to send back because of a mb defect i believe this is due to the reseller but i dont know, pm me if ne 1 else is having problems with msi sli (p5n, p6n or p7n) plat. boards
  10. the only common denominator is the power supply could that be faulty?
  11. ok we just hooked up the cpu to another mother board and it is giving the same results as the first, i have also installed a post card and when in the first motherboard it reads FF (the guide that came with the post card said that means a faulty cpu or a that the mb may be short curcuting(sp) with the case) and on the second it reads E0 meaning the floppy controler is ok, at this point im starting to think the cpu is bad but if the cpu was bad wouldnt the p6n motherboard (the first one) power on to a post or bios without a cpu?
  12. yes the mother board has leds but they dont turn on, we dont get a post caz their is no display at all, and the power supply works fine (it was tested in another machine) and this one still powers up (all the fans and case lights come on) their is just no display out put, almost like the monitor was not plugged in, but it is....so.... ya, ill get some pictures wen i get down their
  13. we're starting to think that the MB may b defective , tomarro we r gonna try a spare one i have laying around
  14. the md as a few leds but none of them power on
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