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    San Diego, CA
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    I am an Uber tech geek. I generally spend most of my time either playing with something techie, or writing about something techie. Other than that, I suppose my family takes up the rest of my time.
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    Bonjour! My name is Paul Bauer aka El Di Pablo Favourite game: Alien Arena Favourite OS: Ubuntu Linux Favourite console: Sega Dreamcast (So easy to Pirate) Nationality: US Accent: Mid-western Sex: Male Age: 29 Race: White American Height: 5'10" Status: Married Build: stocky Favourite band: N/A Favourite book: Never dream of dying Favourite author: Ian Flemming Favourite movie: Any James Bond film Favourite director: N/A Favourite TV Show: Heroes Favourite actor: Johnny Depp Favourite actress: Jessica Alba Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba Favourite Comedian: Dane Cook Other hobbies: Computers, gadgets, general tech, hacking Car: 2003 Dodge Neon Occupation: Systems Administrator