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  1. can you please get the keylogger working
  2. hummm so would i even start to do this
  3. Maybe I don't feel like reading though 21 pages to find one answer? 21 pages x 20 posts per page = 420 posts anyone can someone explain why pocketknife is suppose to set up a password but then when i try to vncvewi into it it says no password can not connect
  4. Rifts

    Whats Next?

    Hey thanks so much this helped a lot, im glad to see that I have been going in the right direction. I've messed around with ettercap and ARP poisoning its pretty cool, I have also tested out netdiscover I tried using metaspolit but it doesnt work cuz none of the attacked worked i guess everything i try is patched i dont really know but thanks again for the amazing post
  5. its because there is no go.vbs file in the system folder. also this has nothing to do with auto run
  6. well after 3 hours of trial and error and lots of guessing i finally got everything working! yay except VNC haha
  7. aww dam alright what about VNC
  8. alright well i finally got everything running the only problem is with VNC, when its silently installing two boxes pop up about default password which makes it not so silent also then when i go back to my other computer and try to get on i input the IP and click connect and it says "unable to connect there is no password" but pocketknife says there should be? and lastly after how long or what size file does the keylogger start to send files? cuz I havnt recieved any in my email and yes i set it up
  9. can someone help me i dont understand what just flash and go means i jsut got a new U3 USB cruzer and im trying to install this can someone please explain thanks
  10. well i figured out how to get the files that wouldnt write on but now it does auto run shit and i have run the LPInstaller 2 times
  11. after i run LPInstaller for my usb and try to put on the payload most of the exes wont copy i dont understand why, the error says access denied: make sure the disk is not full or wirte protected or in use it is no of these what the heck is preventing this from copying
  12. i just opened my brand new scandisk cruzer micro i tried to install switchblade but all the files are hidden even if i change my folder options to see them i can not. anyway im having problems install/setting this up. do i need to remove the folders/files that came with my flash drive or no? and can someone give me or link detailed instructions to installing pocketknife or switchblade thank you very much
  13. I just got my SanDisk 4gig Cruzer Micro and I want to test out a usb hack specifically switchblade anyway my question is this: Can i just extract the payload to it or do I have to do some weird stuff with formating it or something? thanks
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