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  1. I remember the switchblade had a payload to run VNC hidden on a target's computer. Does anyone have this for the rubberducky? Suggestions to write it? Thanks
  2. When I log in and look at the ROOT level I see 15+ directories vs. on the episode I don't see any directories or files in the root access. Should I delete them? Am I looking in the wrong area? Thanks
  3. Nothing new, thus why I stated "Script Kiddies will shit themselves..." but still pretty smooth setup.
  4. All you script kiddies are going to shit yourself today. Firesheep, a cookie sniffing extension for firefox was released today. Simply run Firesheep and it collects user's cookies and info in an easy to use menu that you simply double click to log in as that user. No real hacking skills needed. http://codebutler.com/firesheep
  5. I sent you a private message to contact me.
  6. EPSILON, Thanks for the info... StraightEdge???
  7. I prefer Mac MakeUp 1.95d at http://www.gorlani.com/publicprj/macmakeup/macmakeup.asp Not only can you randomly change your mac address but if you do a sniff with cain on a network you need to pay for, you can clone a mac address and log onto the network for free ;) Or so I hear...
  8. So are the feeds with "feeds.feedburner.com" yours so you can collect ad-sense from us?
  9. Companies like Accessdata even allow PS3's to be connected to help crack passwords...
  10. In the forensic world we call it distributed processing. I use it for indexing large amounts of data across 465 computers here at work. We also use it to crack passwords. My personal idea was to use Amazon's EC2 to do this. I have seen some people use the Ec2 to crack passwords but I'm running into online transfer speeds and security issues for indexing sensitive information.
  11. Not capturing Pcaps, but pulling files from pcaps. Photos, docs, etc on a large scale...
  12. So it sounds like their isnt much out there to pull files from pcaps... Wetwork- When you say large what are we talking about here? I'm doing multiple 250mb files (51GB total) and one at a time or a handful it's slow or crashes.
  13. As you have seen in my other posts I love Netwitness for analyzing pcaps, but I'm looking for other windows based programs for quickly data carving files. I have played with Network Miner but it tends to crash with the large amounts of pcaps I have, any other suggestions? Thanks.
  14. PC646

    IP Changer

    Has anyone played with this freeware called IP Changer? http://www.softpedia.com/get/Network-Tools...p-Changer.shtml
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