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  1. I remember a year ago or so on one of the vids a Microsoft project was detailed whereby you take hundreds of photo's of a rooom / house and it then renders it into a 3d environment that you can walk around in virtual environment kind of thing. I cannot remember the name of it or the video of it for the life of me and would really appreciate a link to it if someone can remember it. I found this - http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/red...ivm/PhotoTours/ But am not sure if this what i am after Cheers
  2. #include <iostream> #include <set> #include <vector> #include <algorithm> #include <iterator> typedef std::set<int> set_type; typedef std::set<set_type> powerset_type; powerset_type powerset(set_type const& set) { typedef set_type::const_iterator set_iter; typedef std::vector<set_iter> vec; typedef vec::iterator vec_iter; struct local { static int dereference(set_iter v) { return *v; } }; powerset_type result; vec elements; do { set_type tmp; std::transform(elements.begin(), elements.end(),std::inserter(tmp, tmp.end()),local::dereference); result.insert(tmp); if (!elements.empty() && ++elements.back() == set.end()) { elements.pop_back(); } else { set_iter iter; if (elements.empty()) { iter = set.begin(); } else { iter = elements.back(); ++iter; } for (; iter != set.end(); ++iter) { elements.push_back(iter); } } } while (!elements.empty()); return result; } int main() { int values[4] = { 2, 3, 5, 7 }; set_type test_set(values, values+4); powerset_type test_powerset = powerset(test_set); for (powerset_type::iterator iter = test_powerset.begin(); iter != test_powerset.end(); ++iter) { std::cout << "{ "; char const* prefix = ""; for (set_type::iterator iter2 = iter->begin(); iter2 != iter->end(); ++iter2) { std::cout << prefix << *iter2; prefix = ", "; } std::cout << " }\n"; } getchar(); }
  3. I find Java to be quite neat, clean and easy once you get going in it :)
  4. Yea if the above doesn't work create this file #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { cout << "Hello, World!" << endl; return 0; } save this using gedit (text editor) as helloworld.cpp then instead of using the gcc command in linux terminal use g++ -o hello helloworld.cpp this will create an executable called hello if it works. You can run the executable the same as above "./hello" If you are after an IDE like microsoft visual studio to make compilation simple as a click... then i would recommend an ide (integrated development environment), my personal favourite under linux is one called codeblocks Think the site is CodeBlocks its simple and easy to use and unlike KDevelop IDE and Eclipse its not full of stuff that confuses beginners :)
  5. http://www.hackerskills.com/ perhaps try this also
  6. So this little program lets you search a id and opens that up... or search for a friend and also opens that up ? I think thats what it does... Anyway nice job and keep coding :)
  7. If only quota was free downunder... sadly 25GB would be gone so fast
  8. lol good old chuck norris facts :) edit : Deags are you a Queenslander - thought maybe seem as though i spotted some XXXX in that fridge :)
  9. bbq

    What can i do...

    Live in Australia - its all sorted asked a mate at uni and he has xp pro and is sharing his cd with me :)
  10. Nice effort with the apps, luckily I have a G15 keyboard and i can lock the windows key anyway however it could be useful for stupid mistakes in fast fps games when you accidently combine ALT + TAB in some mash of the board just before you die :)
  11. bbq

    What can i do...

    Lol i might just have to do that, will give it a try... If that fails - then i will steal it
  12. There are only 2 rules in drinking 1 Beer in summer (Coopers Pale Ale) 2 Rum in winter (Bundaberg Rum) that is all
  13. bbq

    What can i do...

    Sorry for double post... I am certain my university does not offer that sort of service... Although it does sound like a good idea. I do software engineering and the course is leaning towards Linux and GNU for development... They steer clear of windows except to occasionally show the difference between compiler warning / error messages under different environments... My computer is hand built by me from parts bought individually, so there is no chance of a recovery disk being obtained... so yeah I am currently SOL
  14. bbq

    What can i do...

    Alright thanks for the information... I do not know anyone who has XP Pro as my mates either have mac notebooks or XP Home... I will ask at uni if i can borrow a mates DVD and install with my own serial... I actually did that once before on my old old pc when i had XP Home as it was a Packard-Bell and they didn't give an OS disk with the computer as most package POS computers do... I had a learch around some dodgy places on the net (warez)... It seems to be rather difficult to find completely untouched .iso's of my version of windows Windows XP SP2 OEM 2002 You would think MS would offer some kind of .iso download so people can restore there product legitimately... Already millions of people are using pirate windows... I prefer not to as i am an advocate for open source however i don't mind paying for MS and believe there are only 2 things on a computer that are definitely worth paying for OS and Anti-virus if needed... That way you have a 'safe' basis to build from... I reformatted my hard drive already as dual booting from the same HDD was causing some crashing issue's for windows and the Linux partition I had previously was a little small and my HDD had no room for resizing the partitions. So i cannot restore windows from within windows in anyway as it was nuked before I realised I had broken the cd :( I guess i am definitely SOL... and as m0u53 said most people have already handed there hundreds if not thousands into microsoft for products and I am most certainly not re buying something i already own and have a license to use.... Thanks for the advice and i will try to source a sp2 xp disk from a friend and do it that way. Cheers bbq ;)
  15. I enjoy JCreator for an IDE... however i linux Eclipse is the go... As for downloading the compiler and all that... www.java.sun.com go to downloads and then Java SE install and add environmental variables if you want to use cmd... there is a netbeans and sun java combo there to download that should automate it for you...
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