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  1. NM....found the standalone version; working like a charm! http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=6014
  2. Hey there DO and all....thanks for your work, but I'm having a problem I can't seem to solve despite scouring the forums. When I launch the Pandora's Jar (vers. 8.1) on my windowsXP, it runs pandora using the flash 9.0 rxx fix thingy. However, I get an error that says, unable to locate artist and song information. Click the [Grab It] button to add this track - Select cruise control [on] for adding all played tracks. Waiting on Fan Info. why is it unable to locate artist and song info? how can I find it? Using Firefox 3.0.1 , could that be the problem? (rolled back to, still doesn't work. Thanks a million!
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