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    I want the scada worm :) I'll work day and night to reverse engineer it. Figure out how to use it then I'll have my own personal Cyber Nuke Arsenal. I'll use it to declare war against the U.S. The U.S. most likely going to break up within the next 80 years, if not sooner, any way. I shouldn't have to move for anyone! I'm staking my own piece out on the west coast and declaring my own country. I have the arsenal to back it up! Hmmm, perhaps too much tequila.
  2. found another cool site, where if you can finish the first 5 puzzles you get a shell account! Still lots of puzzles after the first 5, also. http://hax.tor.hu/welcome/ EDIT: w00t!! hahah! I got a shell!! took me about a week.
  3. walom

    Tv Shows

    Hmmm, The Simpsons Oz Dexter Dilbert House Fringe Prision Break Seinfeld The Big Bang Theory The IT Crowd Trailer Park Boys select history channel stuff. I keep most of this on my NAS and browse through watching select episodes now and again. I never really flip through random shit on the tv.
  4. For coding you could try something like pythonchallenge.com. Its a pretty cool coding puzzle site that goes through a bunch of lvls, each progressing in difficulty. I don't think you absolutely have to use python for this. Overthewire.org is also a cool puzzle site. Focused on coding and reverse engineering it has a bunch of different 'missions' each with lots of lvls. If you like DamnVulnerableLinux you should check out Metasploitable. Its sort of the same thing
  5. Heh, I love the JuicyRoot sticker! :D
  6. I'll agree with most everyone here, I lack programming skills. I have some but just not comfortable enough with what I know to really make any project ideas work all the way to the end. But, this is probably a motivation/attention span thing. Most of my projects end up half done before I forget about them. Security! I wish I knew more about security of computer systems. That's a goal I set for myself and hope to improve on my knowledge, that's why im here! :)
  7. Hmm, so does anyone want to explain to a Layman what the big deal is about cracking HDCP? Because I thought the same as Ragewaar :P
  8. Turning your backyard into and Earth Battery would be awesome! Is their a way to do Earth Batteries on a large scale, like a backyard? I've only seen tiny experiments and getting something like 12V off it. With the wind and backyard batteries would they be reliable enough to run something steadily off it or would you want a backup power system? Just incase the wind dies down in the middle of streaming a movie from your NAS. I haven't re-purposed anything lately. But, I've been fixing broken electronics like 360's and I got a 52" DLP tv from the dump that almost works. Still not sure what's wrong with it. But if I can fix it for under $400 I'll save myself $600 ^_^
  9. Try asking friends, relatives, and parents friends about old laptops they don't use any more. Or, are "broken". I've had lots of relatives just give me their old laptops because they thought it was broken. Usually its just a corrupted Windows install. After a reformat they work great! Craigslist is also a good deal. I"ve gotten lots of cheap stuff of their. Just have to troll the Computers page and be quick about responding. Shit gets snapped up fast!
  10. Ha, I'm at the same place okiwan
  11. As a reward for myself I'll get a 24" monitor if I get a B on my physics midterm.
  12. ubuntu 8.10 conky awn semi-custom wallpaper
  13. This is why we cant have nice things. :P
  14. Blutengle :Wumpscut Assemblage 23 De/Vision VNV Nation Covenant Deine Lakaien The Cr├╝xshadows Wolfsheim Asp In Strict Confidence Rammstein Clan of Xymox And One Dark Voices Evils Toy Dubmood The Bird and the Bee Floater Serj Tankian System of a Down MC Frontalot Cake Weezer These are in no particular order.
  15. Wow, that was really cool! It says that there pretty loud(110dB.) That's like revving up a a motorcycle How about a person?
  16. OpenAreana. Basically a clone of Quake III: Arena.
  17. I use Winamp as my music manager. It works fine for adding music to my iPod.
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