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  1. hi hackers. the social network site, hi5.com allows you to place codes like youtube scripts, etc. in your profile. i know that with a special function. <script>alert(document.cookie)</script>

    and if we create a special page in a webserver written in php to store the cookies, we can access as someone user via their cookies.

    here is some info i have found:

    http://www.pabrantes.net/blog/comments/start/2006-05-01/1 (dont know if it still works)

    i don´t know where to start, hope that you can give me some ideas. the only thing that i don´t know how to do, is how to retrieve the cookies, i know how to save them via a php file and a txt file.

  2. frgfwk8.th.jpg

    as you can see, first, the bat file analyses my own usb stick. not the c:/ of the computer!

    and then, i think it fails to create the $backup folder in the temp folder.

    and then, all the comands are useless, cause the $backup folder doesn´t exists.

    how can i solve this?

    and, is there another way to get the msn history of a friend? that´s my biggest purpose to do with this hack!

  3. im having the same problem as blue dragon. im using an u3 usb 2gb, i think that´s the problem. The u3 usbs creates 2 virtual disks, for example, f:/ and g:/

    i think thats why it doesn´t write the log on $backup (the 7zblade is on g, and tries to write the log on f:/ but it can´t, cause f:/ it´s just read only)

    how can i solve this?

    what do i modify on the .bat file to make this work?


    i suggest.. asigning manually the drive name where it should write the things on the usb.

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