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  1. Yes I have one simple guitar chords app out iPhone dev is wonderful Reviewers on the app store are stupid though. I think it's pretty easily gamed.
  2. first, get the <input> element of the password field then, do the following with it: pw_field.setAttribute('maxlength', 128); i'm assuming you know how to get the element though. if you know the id, its easy: var pw_field = document.getElementById('pw_field_id') if you dont know the id, you can loop through the inputs on the page: var inputs = document.getElementsByTagName('input'); var pw_field; for (var i = 0; i &lt; inputs.length; i++) { if (inputs[i].type == 'password') { pw_field = inputs[i]; } }
  3. The problem is that you are drawing vertical lines on each side of a '1' bit even if there is another '1' bit on the side of it. You have to check around the current position for a '0' bit before drawing a vertical line. This is a fixed version of your code. Hope that helps! This (code) is a more flexible version I wrote that might impress your teacher more ;) (reload mine a few times, the extra lines are random) Cool exercise!
  4. yeah, if you give it a jpg or twitpic link, it should work
  5. Ugh sorry...that's a bug. Here's the script with the fix (also fixed the link in my original post). I had name where I needed screen_name, and I didn't set my test account's name so I didn't notice I'll make this fix live on @upc_test tomorrow night. Just message a direct image link to @upc_test on twitter. If you want to run the code on your own bot account, you just need a recent install of python and the python-twitter module.
  6. It has worked by now...the Twitter API doesn't seem to be exactly up to the minute I guess... I implemented this bot in Python. Here's the code. I added lots of probably unnecessary comments in case anyone has trouble following. You need djpeg and gocr in your path. You also need to be able to write to the current directory and items.csv from upcdatabase.com needs to be in the same directory as the script. I don't do any explicit checking for any of this...the code is just a quick hack that works. If anyone wants me to polish up this code for further development or use, just let me know. Let me know if you need another coder on this. I am using python-twitter, and it is wonderful.
  7. I've got a prototype up at @upc_test on twitter. Feel free to reply to @upc_test with an direct barcode image url or twitpic link. I'll be checking it manually for a few hours, but I should have the script on minutely cron tonight. The real limitation here seems to be the upcdatabase.com data.
  8. A lot of people call Python executable pseudocode ;) ?
  9. Opeth Bloodbath Between the Buried and Me Dream Theater Rush Diabolical Masquerade NES and SNES music Nobou Uematsu and other video game composers Basically progressive metal, death metal, and vg music ;) EDIT: Oh I forgot, Tim and Eric too
  10. Yeah, what's really important is that you find language in which you can efficiently translate your ideas into working code. That's all that really matters :)
  11. From my understanding, if you have Python, you have Tkinter. If you must package your Python app, you can use great tools like py2exe and py2app. In my opinion, the time you will save and the code readability you will achieve is well worth the other party dealing with a larger file (in the case that external modules must be included). ;)
  12. What about wxPython and Tkinter? They both come with python and run on Mac/Linux/Windows... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WxPython http://wiki.python.org/moin/TkInter
  13. I'd suggest diving in with any language (though I recommend Python) Think of some simple tasks to manipulate your filesystem or maybe catalog your music (or automate things like you said). Simple projects like these will teach you many core programming concepts, and you will be able to continually build on them to make them better and more useful. A quick search revealed this free online book for learning programming with Python: http://www.freenetpages.co.uk/hp/alan.gauld/
  14. Have you considered using screen? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Screen
  15. Have you considered Python? What project do you have in mind? (If you don't mind sharing)
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