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  1. 1 - Right click my computer and go to properties 2 - Click on the advanced tab 3 - Under performance click on settings. 4 - scroll to the very bottom and make sure there is a checkmark on "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop" 5 - Click OK
  2. i was looking into ordering one from their site last night butit said shipping would take 3weeks i was also seeing some old coupons for $15 off which no longer work whats the chances of them giving out coupons again
  3. is the version on their page hackable i konw they do updates on the firmware and i dont want to get stuck with one i cant use
  4. hey ive got money in my paypal thats burning a hole in my pocket , either i ask here or go to ebay to get one anyone willing to sell a fonera?
  5. oops i forgot to mention this article on my site http://www.whatsmypass.com/?p=78 ok maybe i should read all in the thread before commenting, he wants to have a priv escalation tool that will ive him instant admin once he opens the tool , most of the recent exploits are usually patched within a week or so of becoming public , and usually everyone has automatic updates running.. im not sure of any unpatched priv tools the most recent was http://milw0rm.com/exploits/5518 but probably will not work now since most are patched or have upgraded to sp3 .. im pretty sure the shatter attack still works though
  6. http://www.whatsmypass.com/?p=21 using backtrack3 you can do whatever u want
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