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    USBhacksaw Help

    I'm having problems installing Hacksaw on my usb U3 drive, and i need all the help i can get as this is kind of important. I'm new to this and i have no idea what i'm doing wrong, and am kind of annoyed at trying to make it work and getting nowhere :P So, here's what i am doing: 1. download hacksaw from http://www.usbhacks.com/2006/10/07/usb-hacksaw/ 2. unzip the file to my desktop 3. insert my U3 drive 4. follow the readme.txt 4i. run the LP starter, all goes ok 4ii. now here is where i'm having problems. in the readme file it says you have to edit the send.bat file to put in the gmail address and move it to the root of your flash drive. Problem is i open the payload\WIP\SBS file and all the files are hidden and i can't edit it. (i tried everything to unhide the files but failed) Anyone can help me out? maybe take me through all the steps and all that, i'd appreciate it a lot :) -raffi
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