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  1. Hello Im motocondria A.K.A. Melo A.K.A m0t0condria Where to start? Male (is it me or there are really not much females around here?) Portuguese White european Accent: thank god my keyboard doesnt type accents... 35 years old and counting Married with children Going to the plump/beer bellyed side of the force Started of on the spectrum, on to the IBM PS1 and so on. Favorite books: all from JRRTolkien Favorite OS: anything that doesnt give me BSOD ( and FYI fedora does some nasty ones too) Ocupation: Running like hell giving support to users who cant find the windows key, building custom pcs and small servers, troubleshooting (yes, usershooting is illegal in Portugal, so i just shoot troubles), VoIP and general network building and maintenance. Favorite TV Show: IT Crowd (Just the thought of an automatic answering machine that asks users "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" makes me go hmmmmmm ) Favorite programming language? google ctrl+c ctrl+v, shell script and batch (yes i really mean batch and not bash) Worst enemy: vicious cable pulling elderly cleaning ladies Discovered HAK5 by chance, never missed an episode since.
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