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  1. thx for clearing that up. sounds like a lot of work. and unless you have the sourcecode, it is nearly impossible, right? what a pity :(
  2. Hi Steve8x, thanks for your advice. I am not quite sure if I should get an U3, because I fear that all the good tools for payloads are discovered as viruses by now. At least my Avira tells me so. That would really make a U3 worthless :(
  3. is there a way to prevent anti virus software from detecting all the tools that keep the USB exploit alive? unfortunately avira tells me it recognized the usb hack :(
  4. wouldn't it be possible to create an administrative account using this :http://eonshelp.blogspot.com/2007/11/how-to-make-admin-account-using.html ???
  5. Hi @ all, As read above: Does someone prefer a special payload because of its functionality oder simplicity?
  6. Hi @ all, after reading through the forum for a couple hours, I still have not found a proper way to setup my non U3 usb device (SanDisk Cruzer Crossfire and Super Talent Pico C). Is there a way to setup a non U3 device to make it play a certain file without any visible interaction ON ANY UNMODDED SYSTEM? Thx in advance for helping me out! Naddel
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