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  1. Ok I just rolled Firefox back to version and Pandora rip is working and grabbing tracks again. I haven't ever used Firefox 3.0 or above so don't know if or what versions Pandora Rip works with, apparently version changed something in the way it handled XLM files or something in the release notes. But I can confirm that it works for me on version I just downloaded the installer for my language (eng us) found here and ran it to roll back. ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/ Clicked on Then win32 (they have mac and linux too) Then the folder for the right language setup Pretty simple , seems all my bookmarks and plugins are intact. Hope this helps some that are having problems.
  2. What version of Firefox are you guys using that are having problems , pandora rip works for my brother np, but I forgot I had recently upgraded to and then had the problems the next time I loaded pandora rip? I might have to roll firefox back to get pandora rip to work again I think.
  3. I had that problem when I was on a wireless home network, as soon as I went back to hard wire connection it worked fine again until today. Not sure, but I may have forgot to switch my flash back to 8r24 a few times while on that wireless setup, so not entirely sure if it was the problem or not. konfoo, it seems pandora mucked things up again today or last night, pandora rip isn't working at the moment.
  4. When you change the directory it downloads to you have to close it then restart it to get it to work, at least that's what I noticed. Not everything can be push one button then take a nap. Who cares if you have to do a little bit on your own. Still a lot better than doing it all manually.
  5. I think it uses a packet snifer or something like that and pulls in the xlm files that pandora doesn't load in the temp files. But i could be way off on that, that's the beauty, at least Konfoo knows what's up and how to do it.
  6. Well Konfoo could better answer that, but from my basic understanding, it pulls in the files that pandora doesn't actually place in the plugtemp folder. Just make sure you have the latest update, running flash 8.0 r24 using flash switcher posted earlier here and things should work great. I'm no expert, was just trying to be funny and also help you out on the uncached headsup.
  7. Make sure you have the "Grab UnCached Tracks" checked in the sniffer settings. Not having that checked would be the only reason I can think of for it skipping tracks or the fact that it was already ripped before. Do you check the debug log? Pandora doesn't put every song into the temp folder, so you have to tell PandoraRip to reach in and grab it...The Ninja can't rip out the heart out of his enemy if he knows not where the heart is. prerequisite = anatomy 101 , follwed up with - Why rip out your enemie's heart when you can check off a box and have it done for you with less cleanup and fuss.
  8. Nice Konfoo, thanks for taking care of that so quick...much appreciated. Mad skills and big props to ya.
  9. It isn't just happeni ng to me, my brother has the same problem. So you all might want to check it out. No one wants a bunch of wrongly tagged tunes they have to fix. Oh and thanks for all your hard work Konafoo.
  10. Looks like Pandora did another update last night, the interface is different now. On thumbs upping or down and menu options ect. Whatever they did it messed with the tagging too. PanoraRip rips the song, gets the right artist, album and album art, but gives it the wrong title name. It grabs the next song title in Que, has been doing this since last night.
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