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  1. Asus: Unlock OUR Bootloader Transformer Prime http://t.co/UGYrjKNz via @change

  2. i think it would be easier that it seems, just figure out what code u must send to reach the end result and write a func that translates it (quick and dirty method) i shall be working on this during the coming week (slowly) as i use a customized dvorak layout
  3. i would like to suggest that a goal be added that intends to result in the ability to switch keyboard layouts at runtime based upon DIP switch settings
  4. if u can create a library for decoding usb traffic on this chip then u can do a "usb tap" that would record AND pass thru, although this would require dual usb and some input abilities, whether it be on the keyboard on physical switches on the hardware (i would do this)
  5. Never Forget feast of the dead < no youtube vid ashes
  6. i wonder, if it is possible to hack the cd image to work as most linux discs have an autoplay for win and are bootable any thoughts on this? tho i fear that the image is not something that is available without the win driver
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