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  1. I tried this for windows and got tons of errors....all in all...didn't work. When I push play I get this pop up error - Error Loading Media [/CODE] Some general errors from the log- [CODE] 2012-11-02 08:21:19-0700 [Protocol,client] Unhandled Error Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\zimmer\Desktop\pyinstaller-2.0\Sharky\build\pyi.win32\Sharky\out00-PYZ.pyz\twisted.internet.defer", line 368, in callback File "C:\Users\zimmer\Desktop\pyinstaller-2.0\Sharky\build\pyi.win32\Sharky\out00-PYZ.pyz\twisted.internet.defer", line 4
  2. My Unknown Folder is saving all the songs as "fla38.m4a, fla39.m4a..etc" When I first start the program it picks the first song, writes that with the correct artist/album/title, outside of the "Unknown Folder" then proceeds to write over it with every new song that starts up.
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