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  1. hmmmmm got any ideas how else you would use this program and where i should start i have not programed to many things before lol.
  2. Is their any computer programs that work's like a dead man's switch ? i mean lets say for example i have remote server in Canada and i am in new york and their is a huge power outage in new york and their is no way for me to get internet. Would their be away for me to have a program that would be on my remote server that would after lets say 2 days of me not connecting to it would send out a email to people i want like friends telling them they can not connect to this server right now because of unknown reasons then shut it self down till i actual go their and turn it back on or do any other things i program it to do ? I just wanna know because i think it would be cool to have that for a server i have in my place.
  3. In my Hak pack i have A shitty Alienware Area51 M15x laptop Team 1GB USB Kingston 1GB USB with SD card slot Cruzer micro 8GB USB 246MB Lexar USB found it on the bus lol now had hacksaw on it HWUG1 Wireless-G USB Adapter 2600 Booklet Notebook for well taking notes Haking9 Magazine Pack of CDs Pack of DVDs Cell phone Camra Ethernet Cord 5ft small screw driver Paper clip What i want to add to my pack Itouch or Iphone Lockpick set Bluetooth headset External Hard drive 500GB or 2TB USB hub or Squid Foldable keyboard Card reader
  4. Cypher


    Can any one tell me what happened too http://www.vulnwatch.org/netcat/ where i get netcat for windows it seems like the site is gone or something can some one tell me what happened to it and tell me where else i can get netcat for windows thanks.
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