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  1. Hi Ho... Nice to read you....Thx for answering I´m looking foward for futher development of this great brain ;-) ... Soon come ! Ok, as you asked, my IE Version is 7.0.5730.11 I will soon check the VS Service... Here is my Log, any Idea? : ---------------------------------- Log file for Pandora by Nebster Date: 26/7/2008 Time: 9:16:40 ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ---------- ID ---------- 0 ---------- Category ---------- Handlers - BeforeNavigate2() ---------- Content ---------- Loading: http://openpandora.googlepages.com/pandoraevents6.htm
  2. Hi! Surprised of you fast answer ! Thx! Sorry. Unfortunatly I didn´t meantio my runing OS - it is XP at SP2. ... No Idea why this ClassId Error happens. you told us you don´t check thsi site very often, maybe you could tell which sites you check rather often! ? -;-) I... and i guess everyone else here would be very pleased if you could post Info-Links to your new Project... We are so... (gespannt=DE) .. Thx and best regards out of Germany Bo
  3. HI THERE ! I got exactly the same Problem. May somebody could tell "US" how to fix it??? @ Polymer_Zephyr Try using the taskbar symbol to shutdown ! Best regards ;-) Bo
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