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  1. Hi! I just took a course in Java programming at University, and at the same time we discussed the sorting algorithms in Math, Big O, Small O and so on, for all Mathematicians out there. ;) I think your assignment is to Write a sorting algorithm without using already implemented functions. I'd say, try to program one of the easier sorting algorithms, you can find tutorials on them out there as well. I'd recommend looking at wikipedia, they usually have pseudocode aswell. Hmmm if you need help programming the stuff, just send me a pm or write it in here. I'm glad to help ;) PS: Sorting is always an algorithm of some sort to be precise.
  2. actually I tried making this myself in ruby for example, and it's easier than u think. took me about 60 lines of code. but without the multicore support, but multiple threads
  3. Coding challenge number 2: The stockmarket crysis (pseudo-) prophecy. Write a program or piece of code that: 1. Takes an initial Value of a Stock. 2. Takes the aimed value of the Stock and predicts the time it will take for the stock to rise to your desired value. The program should do many of these calculations (100) , and give you an average value of how many days to expect. Now for the rules: The Percent in- or de-crease cannot just be random e.g. +10, 2, -13 +5, +6, -24. These must be "weighted". Think gaussian curves and probability. The program must make use of modern pc hardware: multiple cores or multiple threads. The program can be written in ANY language, even in assembler if you want or can. The most efficient program wins. Meaning the program that can return an average value of 100 calculations the fastest and most efficient, and fulfills all of the above, wins. It seems this program is already out in the wild and being used by many brokers, but it's probably shareware and +1000$, otherwise I can't explain the current situation on the markets. Pseudo because, of course we know stock markets seem random but they actually react to events in the industry and in politics and so on, this program will never give you a reliable source of information for your portfolio. Hope this was understandable. Should be interesting. :D
  4. What'd be really interesting is, coding a program, and the fastest most efficient script wins. When this contest finishes I'll post my Challenge ;)
  5. I already have an Idea for the next challenge which should be doable in all languages. Oh and maybe at the end of the contest the winner of the challenge could post their compiled piece of software cuz not everbody has a c++ compiler or an assembler or knows how to use them.
  6. in the future can we make code challenges that can use any programming language, id laike to participate but can't write any c, only ruby, java and php
  7. Ok so I read that people don't know what to with their clusters. Well maybe there are people that do have decent applications, but don't have a cluster to run them on. How about making some of your clusters accessible in some way, request system or something, to have people use your cluster? Just a thought...
  8. Resix

    Pix Firewall

    I don't think you read my post. I can't get access to the machine, over the network. It is configured in some way I don't know. It doesn't dhcp like it should in a standard way, and the adress it responds to is unknown.
  9. Resix

    Pix Firewall

    Thanks for your Helpful info! Do you know is there any possibility to reset the machine to default values? Currently it has some unknown configurations on it, tried finding the adress with nmap but couldn't find anything. Maybe there's a switch inside the box? the documentation only shows the possibility via the serial bus, and the adapter and cable was not in the box. -.-'' Thx again for your answer!
  10. Resix

    Pix Firewall

    It'S a Cisco PIX-515 ;)
  11. You can add the BT 4 repositories in Ubuntu Packet Manager, and just install all the tools ;)
  12. Resix

    Pix Firewall

    I've got an old Pix firewall lying around at home, any posibilities of flashing it with new OS or something? I want to set up a firewall anyways for a DMZ, think the PIX will do a fine job there, but maybe there's more stuff or better homebrew software for it. If anyone's got any info pls share. Thx
  13. Last episode got me thinking of the memory dumping again. I wanted to try the stuff out myself but I shortly noticed, firstofall my ram file is 2 gig's in size, and actually in the field when trying to actually harvest data I'm not going to have alot of time to drag my files around and copy and so on. Well came to my mind, I still have this iPod 4Gen lying around with 40 Gig's of Space. (Now this will probably work with all usb sticks or devices with read write access, and iPod's probably not the best because of the drivers taking forever to load on windows.) I copied win32dd to my iPod's directory. Then I made a small little batch file that said: win32dd.exe -r %COMPUTERNAME%.dmp Save close. Double Click.... Works! :D Off to next PC, and the files will already have the PC names in them for easy remembering which pc you memdumped from. I'm thinking of different ways, maybe even more silent to do this! til'then! Peace
  14. Thanks for the Help Robin! Yeah there will still only be one interface, but no need to by a fon or atheros based chipset router to enjoy Interceptor.
  15. I just tried installing on an wrt54G and everything worked until the install of Interceptor but that failed. Says: *Packages were found but none compatible with the architectures configured Maybe some help from digininja? ;) It uses a Broadcom chip maybe that's the problem. But there should be a simple sollution Cya!
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