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  1. Why are all the WPA´s shown as Open even when their WPA2? Or even Double?
  2. So.. the Kids in the Next door are using Spotify.. and i need to hack their Router shut them down. Every F**** Saturday morning they open their windows and play loud music.. My idea would be to get in the Router und shut down the Ports there. But i cant get a HS from the router. All it shows that all all Open WPA´s what ist not right. My other PC card shows that they have WPA2 so what can i do..
  3. Have this Gadget about 2 Weeks and well what should i say.. No Handshakes.. not even from my 2,5m away router.. 200€ for a gadget which does not even work?
  4. Just turn off you other networkdevices like WLAN. Then it will work. It will not work if your WLAN is still connected into the Internet. Had the same issue today.. follow the manual and stay calm.
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