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  1. It's a spam bot, I got it to, It happens often here.
  2. If you want to hack it and put jasager on it, don't get it. It would be a wast. But for what it does it seems like it's a great price and deal, I want one, but can't get them here in Canada. :( If you need a wireless router and want the features then get it.
  3. OKay ctrl-c works so it's all good, but I keep getting BSoD I think it's a drivers problem with the cable. So I am trying to install windows xp on my netbook, and it's a lot harder then win7 for some reason :| This is such a pain :(
  4. Seshan


    I was just on it the other day :(
  5. If they approve the Google App, they are going to have to deal with a shit storm for Devs because of their app's getting rejected for similar reasons. Rules are rules. Something some of my jack ass co-workers can't understand.
  6. Because everyone paying a little bit is better the one person having to sell their house and living on the streets because their corrupt insurance company wouldn't cover the health care they needed. Hey Zimmer where you at this? these people sound exactly like you! It's funny that you don't see country's with public health care protesting to get rid of it because it's so bad!!
  7. Google does not have their own phone, they have a phone OS. FCC jumped in when they heard what happened.
  8. Apple, it's their platform like you said. But I think it's not Apple it's really AT&T behind all this.
  9. Yes but I already know what they mean. I've always had intel so I just know.
  10. Is the ground problem only on the 2200, I'm on the 2100 and I seem to get into redboot with ground already connected. I want to solder my cable and I was going to put a little switch in it on the ground wire, but if I don't need to I won't. Also, when I get into redboot, what should I do :|
  11. She/he looked like a used tampon when she/he got her/his award.
  12. Intel, because I'm to lazy to learn what AMD's namings mean.
  13. I wish we had netflix here :( I'm stuck with poor old piracy :( Anyways, that's pretty funny, Good movie too.
  14. Yeah, then when they hit voting age they don't vote because they don't know shit about politics.
  15. The Apple store near me has all the iphone and ipod locked down. Don't know why this one didn't, not sure if the Macs are locked down.
  16. Yeah so you going to tell us how you found everything :D
  17. You can also say you pay for how much bandwidth you use. Install a bandwidth monitor on both your computers, and figure out a price per GB and you guys pay for how much you use. That's assuming you guys split the bill already. *Edit* that idea has some problems. But what ever it gives you a idea. Work together.
  18. Seshan


    I got the acer aspire one 10'' D250. Just got it last week so it's still new to me, but it's not bad. and it still has a spot for me to put another wireless card in.
  19. You don't have to sign a disclaimer when buying a hammer that you won't go rob anyone with it. Just a thought ;)
  20. Yeah it work's for the people selling the program.
  21. Haha, I wonder what the heck the people in the middle of the battering ram were thinking. LOL, I wish I could of came. :(
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