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  1. How a Deleted Member can send me a message??? I get from Deleted Member a message say hello contain a link to a virus can any one stop them!!

    It was a spammer, don't be stupid and click links from people you don't know. They where deleted for spamming.

  2. Thanks for the info. After poking around I notice that the other one beside it is also broken, but it appears that the circuit board has multiple layers and that it had broken right down to the next layer, so I don't think I will be able to fix it. I'll see what I can do, but I think it's time for a new phone :(

  3. That was exactly the problem. Thanks for the help guys! :)

    Now on to figuring out why the internet does not work after I have booted BT4 from USB drive :?

    It doesn't work by default. You have to enable it, check out the backtrack forums there are like a million threads on it.

  4. So I broke my phone. Replaced the LCD and it still didn't work, so I figured it must be something on the circuit board. Well I found it, a tiny resistor. One end was broken from the solder and bent up, I pushed it down and it stayed attached, now how do I repair it? I don't have a hot air soldering gun thing. Anyone have some suggestions? Also in case I end up destroying the resistor does anyone know how to tell what kind it is so I can try and get a replacement? I don't know how to tell what these little resistors are.


  5. Actually CoD 7 will be based in Vietnam and come out next November, To bad I will not be giving the CoD franchise anymore of my money. So many problems and greed from MW:2 has turned me off. DICE can have my money.

  6. Woot! I got it! I just hope it didn't screw up and charge my paypal wrong. :|

    *Edit* not sure if I got it yet, it took me to paypal, did all that clicked continue and now it's timing out.

    *Edit* well they are at 100k, it was at 50k when I first got to the paypal page, I will try and finish the check out maybe it will still count. Beefed up servers my ass D:

    *Edit* nope didn't get it, that was a hour of my life wasted D:

  7. Well... Doesn't look like it will happen. The site is down completely right now, and free day doesn't start till tomorrow. Some speculate that they are updating their servers at the last minute, however with no forum posts, twitters, etc, from the moderators, I feel that it's most probably from hundred's of thousands of people making their accounts ahead of time. MAYBE if you get on @ around 4am you might be able to get in, but then I still highly doubt it cause all the college kids are doing the same thing constantly, and it makes me very upset to even see a refresh button right about now...

    So unfortunately I am not even going to try. I guess I should have thought, but then I didn't think their site was quite THAT popular? Hell who knows, maybe even people trying to get free stuff that they don't even know what it is. Oh well. It was worth a try.

    Hope at least one of you get your freeday on.


    It was posted on pretty much every big tech blog when they announced it a couple months ago. It's going to get hit hard. You finding it on the site was just luck for you, hundreds of thousands of people have probably seen it on other blogs.

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