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  1. Woot! I got it! I just hope it didn't screw up and charge my paypal wrong. :| *Edit* not sure if I got it yet, it took me to paypal, did all that clicked continue and now it's timing out. *Edit* well they are at 100k, it was at 50k when I first got to the paypal page, I will try and finish the check out maybe it will still count. Beefed up servers my ass D: *Edit* nope didn't get it, that was a hour of my life wasted D:
  2. Well I almost made it, but I think it will time out on me. :(
  3. Nope not yet, but according to IRC there has been a couple thousand in sales already, I'm guessing people closest to the server are getting in. *Edit* Over $6,000 has been given away.
  4. The site is back up, They still have 9 hours anyways, they are probably still working out kinks.
  5. It was posted on pretty much every big tech blog when they announced it a couple months ago. It's going to get hit hard. You finding it on the site was just luck for you, hundreds of thousands of people have probably seen it on other blogs.
  6. I just hope I don't get nailed with duty with fedex :|
  7. There are other routers it works on, putting Jasager on a Fon2.0N is a waste of that router, and defeats the point of having a small portable router.
  8. I'm waiting for official extension support and 1password to get a extension then I am switching to Chrome on OS X. I also agree with RogueSpear, Flash needs to die. I don't think firefox would be so bad if flash didn't suck.
  9. I just use velcro to stick my card to the back of my Acer aspire one, and I'm waiting for my USB GPS to come, it will join it :D
  10. Try this before doing startx in backtrack. update-rc.d wicd defaults /etc/init.d/wicd start startx You should then be able to set up a connecting after starting.
  11. Why is your post in such a big and annoying font size?
  12. It's wasn't a port! They added mouse controls, text chat and graphic settings!!! (If you don't know what that was from don't comment.)
  13. I use WIFI Trak, costs 99 cents it just scans for networks. Also check out wififofum, never used this one, cost 2.99 if you had a iphone it KML logs the AP's.
  14. Seshan

    yahoo email?

    Plus, the ip location is not even accurate, it shows me in a town 20 min away from me.
  15. Seshan

    Hacking WoW

    I lol's when people say "Some one hacked my *insert random game here* account". When it's really they are just dumb, and either one or more of the things Sparda said happened.
  16. Well this is the only pic we have. We need to zoom in and enhance!!
  17. Oh wow, I didn't realize they stopped selling the other Fon's. I wonder why they would do that. The Fon2.0N isn't really that cheap. We will need to find a alternative.
  18. It could still be on the side of the US, They see the video feed and notice that's it's above them, they run out and get gunned down. :P Also, there must be a delay, even a delay of 60 seconds would pretty much make it useless.
  19. I swear they always say "Never under estimate your enemy"
  20. I need to get me a satellite :|
  21. I personally think it would be a wast to put Jasager on the Fon 2.0N. I would love to get one just for what it does normally.
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