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  1. /me goes and digs out his Hackers and Jurassic Park VHS cassettes.

    Was a nice episode. Controlling a PC via twitter, I like the idea, especially if I left a machine on in work (unlikely, but it could happen).

    Liked the bike ride bit (want more bike ride video Darren, come on and upload some on youtube when you get the time).

    Malware analysis interested me, going to dig into that a bit more.

    I'm sure we will be seeing more soon enough.

  2. That would be a yet-to-be-released Pronobozo track. You'll love the new album btw.

    Yeah, I had that feeling, it sounded like something from Pronobozo, Can't wait to get his new album.

  3. That's why I like Valve, the way they do stuff is different from all the other game company's these days that just seem like they want your money and don't give to shits about you, charge you for DLC to play multilayer for a game you just spent $70 on. I just hope they don't turn into the other companies.

  4. Nothing good lasts forever and Hak5 has been very good to us on many levels so i think that its our duty to try to keep the community and the show that we love going for as long as we can.

    The show has seen many changes over its 7 seasons with co-host coming and going and the sets changed like underwear but Hak5 remains and will remain hopefully for a long time to come.

    For whatever comes i wish DK the best of luck in SF and i know that whatever comes its going to be a good thing

    I just have one question.....WTF ever happened to Matt? We heard from Snubs, we heard from Darren, Mubix is rolling his own podcast now and it kicks ass but with all this going on no one ever mentioned what the deal with Matt Lestock?

    Was there a drunken brawl that we never got told about??? is Matt no more......Information ....Information....Information...."you can not make bricks without clay" says a recent movie quote


    There was a thread about it.

  5. There is no much velcro needed it actually hold the things really tied to the cover of my eee.

    On my picture it was a 9dbi antenna with the AWUS036H 1000mW.

    I will also get the new Alfa with WLAN N-draft and 5Ghz capability (AWUS050NH). It will join my first Alfa as well as my gps-stick (thanks for the idea Seshan).

    If you need a short USB-cable just get a normal one (I think it's about 1m) and cut out what you don't need and then solder it together.

    @Seashan: Are you pleased with your ND-100? Because my Navilock NL-454US is really bad, even my cell phone gets better and faster gps fixes :blink:

    The AWUS050NH does not work well with back track, just so you know.

    The ND-100 has been great for me, it has a fast lock on and it's accurate. You will need some 3rd party software depending on what you want to use it for.

    As for velcrow, I got these half inch circles from the dollar store and they work great, these cards are really light and it does not take much to hold them on.

  6. I noticed today that some stores here in Florida have signs on their windows that say like "Text *storename* to *number* to get a special deal" Kinda neat, didn't try it though, and I think it was just for that mall. I wonder if they charge you for a text message. :|

  7. Thanks! What was the black Alfa then? Curious as to what the difference between the two are.

    Thanks for the GPS model. It's like 30 bucks.

    Just a note on the GPS if you want to use it for something like streets and trips you will need a separate program. Read the comments on the dealextreme site.

    The black Alfa is a AWUS036E. You can google for the differences.

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