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  1. "Just then as little mikey entered "linux" into his name, his xbox suddenly sprang to life, walked to him, removed the controller from his hands and bitch slapped him with it. It then turned and lept out the third story window landing with a loud CRASH on the pavement below"

    hahahaha. that is fucked up though, that infringes on freedom of speech, no?

    Freedom of speed does not exist on the internet.

  2. Does it have to be U3 one to boot from? I've tried it on another USB drive and it never worked and I wounder if that's why, but I don't remember reading anything saying that it had to be a U3.

  3. Muts has anounced a Artwork contest for back track 4.


    Hello to everyone!

    The time has come...and BT4 is at the stage where we need to take care of the graphics. For this reason we would like to announce a "BackTrack 4 Artwork Contest".

    We need:

    * Wallpaper

    * KDE Splash screen

    * Framebuffer image

    * Various Icons

    * Website Design

    * Vbulletin Forum Design

    The basic rule is that the dragon stays. Other than that, we are looking for a clean professional interface.

    The winner of the contest will have his artwork published and viewed by millions of people - and will have the uttmost satisfaction in knowing they have contributed to BT4

    Please post links to your artwork in this thread - make sure the links will last for more than 1 month.

    A winner will be announced on the 7th of December, 2008.


    Good luck to you all,

    The Remote Exploit Gang

    Can't wait for Back track 4 :D

    I wasn't sure to put this in Everything else or here.

  4. my school is like that.. we have access to EVERYTHING except that we cant install.. but we can play games off of our flashdrives... access cmd prompt regedit... everything.. we use a "emailing" program called 1st class... instant messaging disabled... to bad we can im using Novell... they are 2 stupid to block it... yah.. its great...

    Yeah we have Novell at our school, I was on my friends account and "accidentally" sent a message to the whole school so everyone that was online got a pop up with the message. It was funny, but they banned his account.

  5. I was getting the same issue you need to install winpcap on your host machine and you should be ok. Or just install wireshark and it comes with the package cause chances are you will need wireshark later anyhow.

    Okay did that now the program works. But I can't find the My Place connection anymore. So I connected the Fon to my computer and did step 11 but it has said no packet for the last 20 min. Did I do something wrong?

  6. There English fails, Which makes them look dumb. " We are [Terrorists Crew] Not any another hacker crew. Remember : Terrorists Crew had hacked your site in this day." "Every where and where we are there." WTF is that part suppose to mean?

  7. Why were shannon and darren switched? mixing it up?

    I think Darren's sections where filmed at different times. So I think that's why.

    what did we say? honestly i don't remember

    The only thing I caught was Bullsh*t in the out takes, The rest was beeped out.

  8. Wow I didn't want to start a argument. I just want to say some things at DingleBerries. Not all schools are lucky to have libraries with thousands of books, And school is for doing work not siting at the computer doing nothing because some soccer moms on the school board don't want high school students seeing violence, And you are wrong on what publishers will publish, maybe you should go to a library your self :)

  9. Some school filters are really bad, Ours is bad. When I was trying to do research on the Holocaust 99% of the sites where blocked for "Violence" No kidding eh? We had to do out work at home. But isn't the point of school to do work there?

  10. I keep my wifi on with an ssid of "Free Internet" I know they are not getting into my pc and I dont see any reason why I should protect Comcast from profit lose. I dont make online transactions tho.. so maybe it wont work for you.

    The only problem with that is if some one downloads something illegal like child porn, it will look like it's you doing it, and will have to prove other wise.

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