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  1. I wonder how a viewer supported model would work out? I am not sure that I would like a this type of show having to meet with the approval of sponsors as it sounds restraining. I never really thought about this with HAK5 but now I am feeling as if I have missed some cool shows.

    Missed some cool shows, How?

    Also, the show is viewer supported, hence the donations and hakshop.

  2. My mother took her computer in one day, And the ones who tried to fix her computer fried it. Was funny watching it go up smoke. Like don't they screen the people before they allow the kids etc to work there?

    From what I have heard, they will hire sales people before computer people.

  3. Don't take it the wrong way, Wetwork, I think Protocol's just trying to say that buying a teensy directly from pjrc is basically what you're looking for. Unless you plan on adding on a sd card reader, there really isn't anything you need to physically do to get up and running. The customization comes from the code, and at this point things are changing / developing daily, so if you bought one pre-loaded you'd probably want to modify it almost immediately.

    From what I've seen, no one's really released a killer-app version of the teensy yet, so you might just want to wait until Darren does a show officially unveiling whatever it is that he and Diginina have had up there sleeve for the last year (and you know there's something up there).

    Darren said before that we have pretty much/have already done everything that he had.

  4. I'm guessing we are out of boxes? Ok who will run Crunch and check for valid URLS? lol


    Or one of those programs that use a dictionary and fills in the blanks. Like a Wheel of Fortune solver or Hang-man solver. lol

    root@bt:/pentest/passwords/crunch# ./crunch 50 50 -t www.HAK5.ORG/O@@@@@@ATIONONTH@@@ART@@@EMSSTRANG@@@ > /root/Hak5.txt

    A savvy programmer with some time on their hands could make a program to take O@@@@@@ATIONONTH@@@ART@@@EMSSTRANG@@@ and run a wordlist on it. Have some algorithm to retrofit words in the existing link and on matches log them to a file.

    Better yet. Have crunch run that string. Pipe it to another program that will check the string to make sure every character is accounted for as being "Part of a real word" from English dictionary.

    Well we are not out of boxes, there was a box for every set of letters, but just not everyone knew what to do with it I guess.

  5. Okay, So 20 is nothing 19 is probably ERS since there is nothing else it could really be. We still need 8,9,10,11,13,14,15,16, Every one should have their boxes by now, and It doesn't looks like they will be showing up here.

  6. Seems like a complicated way to back up. I use Carbon Copy Cloner for my Mac, You can set it up different ways, But I have it set up so when I connect my backup drive (or turn it on) it starts cloning, but it only changes what has changed on my main drive. So after the initial back up it takes a lot less time depending on how often you back up.

  7.  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20
    HTT P:/ /WW W.H AK5 .OR G/O --- --- --- --- NTH --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

    1, 2 and 4 are presumed.

    We allready have 4 scroll up.

    From the looks of the flickr pics, 20 was just put into a big box with 4 and 12. So either Darren messed up, or there is no #20

  8. Okay now we are at. (http:/)/www.hak5.ORG/O.....NTH

    Seems like it may be a random URL and not a word. We still need 8,9,10,11,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 to finish the URL the beginning boxes are useless now.:| I have a feeling we may never get it, everyone should have their boxes by now.

  9. Well, Assuming you are at the persons computer, it would be hard for them to click somewhere. I like having the LED's giving you feed back, so if something goes wrong, you know where it should of been in the script by the LED's blinking. I'm using d(); because I didn't feel like put delay(100); all the time, this way it saves some space, and having little delays helps prevent it from messing up.

    *edit*, I also just realized i forgot to change it to terminal.app, since I don't use spotlight I use quicksilver, I have it set for just terminal. Another problem to think of. :|

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