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  1. Yeah the less people that know about that the better....
  2. Here's what you need to do, Some how find away to stop all spammers in the world. Well, that's it. Good luck!
  3. Pringles cans don't work that good for this. Google home made cantenna and try and find a site that has the math for the can diameter and where the wire should be/how long it should be.
  4. Yeah, I use to go to that chat a lot, still idle in it, been idling in it for over a year and still don't have voice XD (Don't really care) The only times I would like to talk is when he does videos or call in's. Witch the chat get mod'ed so I can't talk.
  5. Okay I think I bricked it fooling around with stuff trying to get it to work. :| *Face palms* Time to make my cable now :|
  6. OKay so I am trying to install the latest Jasager instead of using the 1.2 in step 18 I am using the newest one, I get this error.
  7. I want this for what it can do, not the hackablity of it, to bad it's going to be like $100 :(
  8. I still have to make mine :P I've had the cable for months now, I hope it's the right one XD
  9. Good thing I use a different password for each site. :) But that sucks :(
  10. The system they want to use sounds good. But it won't work, people don't want to pay, that's the problem, And not everyone has unlimited bandwidth to seed a movie for weeks to lower the cost they pay.
  11. http://torrentfreak.com/new-pirate-bay-wil...ay-site-090716/ Well GGF will kill it. Don't know what they are thinking. Who knows how much it will cost and how much you have to share to get it for free. But paying even $5 a month they will lose most of their users.
  12. Well this is what I have to say to that...
  13. Man if we could get something like netflix here, I would never download movies. I'd rather use netflix. Maybe the Movies industries should spend money setting up company's like netflix instead of spending money suing people.
  14. I support artist I really like. Movies I never buy them, if I couldn't pirate them, I still wouldn't buy them. Games I buy on steam because it's easier then pirating. Software, I download the trial and then find a key. If I can't find a key, I will buy it if I really want it and it's not expensive. There is also a better chance I will buy it if I can find a discount code :)
  15. Sounds like something that would be interesting for a hak5 segment.
  16. Yeah, that's because not everyone finds the stuff in them interesting, everyone likes their own thing. And the fact that by the time they get printed they are old news.
  17. Yeah if you are going to solder a lot, get a fan.
  18. Asus EEE and a Acer Aspire One.
  19. Well spending more then $200 will be a start...
  20. Well they do, but then you have to change your billing to online. Witch my parents don't want to do. Better chance to forget to pay I guess. Anyways I installed DD-WRT last night :) Maybe I will download 10 gb's of it a month or something.
  21. Anyone know some good security and hacking related blogs? Thanks :D
  22. Ugg, I hate my 90 gb bandwidth cap, and not knowing how much bandwidth I have used :( Maybe some one could burn some DVD's and we can send them around :)
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